What’s this about a Google browser? I don’t know how they got this by me. I mean, I’m a big Google fan. I can talk about how pimp Google is all day, f’sho! Somehow, those Internet gangstas got one passed me. Today the rumors for a Google browser grew when the Mountain View, California company straight jacked Firefox’s lead programmer. This news had me high like Marion Berry with a crack pipe because I dig Firefox like I dig Google. They both be supa fly! Of course, news of this sort doesn’t totally surprise me because I have no doubt that Google can hire anybody they want. What are they worth now? A googillion dollars? They could roll up into any company strapped with pocket protectors and red Swingline staplers and nerdjack anyone they wanted. Why? Because Google is a bad-ass mother fucker! Sort of like Samuel L. Jackson except it can do Boolean searches.

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