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Larry killed me on this quiz. I will formally accept him as my Nerd God.

Who's your daddy?Introducing Jimmy’s Scion tC. Needed to get something a little more economical than the Xterra. Gotta save the planet and all. At least I can do that with an mp3 player.

What’s this about a Google browser? I don’t know how they got this by me. I mean, I’m a big Google fan. I can talk about how pimp Google is all day, f’sho! Somehow, those Internet gangstas got one passed me. Today the rumors for a Google browser grew when the Mountain View, California company straight jacked Firefox’s lead programmer. This news had me high like Marion Berry with a crack pipe because I dig Firefox like I dig Google. They both be supa fly! Of course, news of this sort doesn’t totally surprise me because I have no doubt that Google can hire anybody they want. What are they worth now? A googillion dollars? They could roll up into any company strapped with pocket protectors and red Swingline staplers and nerdjack anyone they wanted. Why? Because Google is a bad-ass mother fucker! Sort of like Samuel L. Jackson except it can do Boolean searches.

Lunch and stuff

Grabbed some grub at Arby’s on this fine day. It’s 65 degrees outside which is perfectly pleasant, unless you’re from Jamaica or Puerto Rico. Then it’s freezing. I’m totally getting tooled on for moblogging. It’s not easy being a geek. Ask Nugget. He knows.


Thanks to Nugget, I am now an IT manager in South Florida. It’s a sweet gig. I get to play with computers all day. Occasionally I get off task.

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I picked a great day to mess around with Nugget’s blog! If you take a look at my next post (above), I am now able to take a pic with my camera phone, email it to my Flickr account, and Flickr automatically posts the message to the Nug. One of the coolest things ever…

I found a way to create posts from my camera phone. If pics start popping up on this here bloggy woggy, it’s totally me.

Hayden & Aaron, Last Place

In this leg of the race, teams started in Budapest, Hungary and had to make their way to a nearby winery that has the largest wine barrel in Hungary?a full 14,000 gallons?to find their next clue. Jonathan & Victoria started in third place and at the start Victoria said, “I’m not the type of girl that needs someone to hold my hand and be overly affectionate. Jon is extremely motivating and we always seem to kiss and make up in the end.” Huh!? Motivating. Yeah, like an Egyptian slave driver, but hey, they built the pyramids. Also, Hayden looked so pissed at Aaron at the start of this leg that you just knew they were coming in last.

The winery did not open until 10:00AM so all the teams were bunched up. Once it opened teams raced into the wine cellar where the clue directed teams had to make their way to the Island of Corsica, France and find the home that Napoleon was born to find their next clue. So it was a race to the airport at 10:00AM. Lori & Bolo and Jonathan & Victoria ended up on the first flight to Corsica while the rest of the teams ended up on the second flight, a little than a half hour later. Unfortunately, the place did not open until 9:00AM so teams were bunched up yet again!

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Gus & Hera, Eliminated

This episode started where last week’s cliffhanger ended. Bolo almost immediately said, “I gotta make sure there’s no other trains to Budapest.” At the same time, the remaining teams logged on to AOHell email to get their next clue. Teams must travel by taxi to Hungary’s Heritage Rail Museum. Teams must then ride a small motorized rail car to find their next clue. Luckily for Lori & Bolo, the museum wouldn’t open until 10:00AM and there was another train to Budapest at 2:55AM, not at 7:30AM as previously thought. The lady at the ticket counter gave them the wrong information. They would eventually catch up to the other teams but they didn’t get a chance to sleep like the rest of them.

Of course, Jonathan was yelling at Victoria. He called her incompetent and dumb for missing a cab even though all of the teams, except Lori & Bolo, were to sleep in the same hotel. What an asshole this guy is! But don’t even get me started on that again.

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My wife Mama is the Managing Editor of a new magazine called I Magazine. It is a health, fitness, and lifestyle magazine for Las Vegas women. Here’s the magazine’s mission statement:

Inspire, Inform, Indulge…

I is a modern city magazine for busy Las Vegas women
looking for ideas and solutions on how to live more
balanced, happy and healthy lives.

I inspires readers to achieve their goals and express their
personal style.

I informs readers about emerging trends in beauty,
fashion, fitness and health, and directs them to where these
innovative lifestyle ideas can be found.

I indulges readers with travel, dining, entertainment
and shopping temptations.

Celebrating individuality…I

The first issue of the magazine will be available on April 1st. Here’s hoping the New Year is a fruitful one for this new venture. Big ups to the Publisher of the magazine, Melanie Bardot, for securing the funding that made the magazine possible, and good luck to everyone involved!

Just got back from a party held by my best friend’s sister, Maria, at Varnish Gallery in San Francisco. It was very cool to celebrate the New Year with my beautiful wife Mama, Kirsten, Santiago, Belinda, Maria, Francois, Jayson, Lisa, Marife, Matt, and Nick. Big ups to everyone in attendance and may 2005 be even better than 2004–Happy New Year!!!