Day 2 of my DC trip has almost concluded. Here is a pictoral diary of today’s events. I took a good handful of photos, so I provided links to them instead of embedding them into the page.

After spending a good hour trying to find parking in downtown Washington, D.C., we found spaces about three blocks west of the White House. Upon exiting my vehicle, I discovered that someone in DC doesn’t like the cold weather (image). Since it was around noon, we decided to hit a local culinary hot spot for a bite to eat (image). After throwing down some chili dogs, we headed to our first destination, the White House. On the way there, I took some shots of the 1st Infantry Division Monument in President’s Park (image).

Pennsylvania Avenue between 16th and 17th was blocked for security reasons, so a gang of people were standing on the sidewalk outside the south lawn to snap pics of the most famous house not to be on MTV Cribs (image). Police officers were present to make certain no one stood in the streets, jumped over the fence, or used a tripod to take photos. My girlfriend’s sister was reprimanded on several occasions about her tripod. Once we informed her that Secret Service doesn’t have a sense of humor about things like this, she desisted.

Next stop on our tour, the World War II Memorial. On the way there, I snapped a pic of the Washington Monument from the 2nd Infantry Division Monument (image). The WWII Memorial is beautiful (image). The memorial is divided into two areas, Pacific (image) and Atlantic (image), representing the two theaters the U.S. fought in during the war. There are bronze reliefs lining the memorial and inscriptions everywhere. It’s a very impressive monument for those that served during World War II.

Next stop was the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. This memorial is striking. Two dark stone walls that meet at a right angle (image). The only words on the memorial are the names of men and women that did not return to their families with only three soldiers standing sentinel over their fallen comrades (image). Profound is an understatement for this monument.

We visited the Lincoln Memorial next. The memorial is an impressive edifice built in that classic hellenistic tradition (image). Of course the building houses one of the most famous monuments in the country (image). The statue of Abraham Lincoln is immense. I wish I took a picture of it with someone standing next to it so you could get an idea of its size. You’ll have to trust me on this.

From the Lincoln Memorial, you can look across the mall to the Washington Monument (image) and the U.S. Capitol, if you’re standing in the right place. The distance from the Lincoln Memorial to the Capitol is two miles. It seems so much closer in pictures.

The final stop for the day was the Korean War Veterans Memorial. This was eerie, yet moving (View image). The expressions on some of the soldier’s faces seemed panicked and grip you (image). Some seem to be in complete control (image). Yet you still feel there is a sense of gravity no matter what their facial expressions are (image). By far, this was my favorite monument (I am biased). However, I was disappointed because the monument seemed incomplete.

All in all, my day in DC was more than eventful. Now it’s time to drink some champagne and eat lots of grapes. I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year! Felicidades and I’ll be posting again soon.

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