Lori & Bolo, To Be Continued

In this leg of the race, teams started at the Brandenburg Gate and needed to make their way to the guard shack at Checkpoint Charlie. After reading the clue, Kendra said, “Where do you want to go, back to the hotel for research?” What the hell is wrong with this bitch? It’s the Amazing Race not the Great Hotels of the World! If it were up to her all of the clue boxes on the race would be at luxury hotels and the tasks would be getting facials and manicures. And what’s with this let’s do research crap. How dumb is this ho! Even more shocking, after the incident at the end of the last leg, Victoria said, “I don’t like anybody screaming at me, but that’s just Jon.” What! He screams at you all of the time and pushes you. And, behind close doors, he probably beats you. Gimme a break!

At the checkpoint, teams were instructed to go to the Olympic Stadium to sign-up on a board for their next task. The stadium didn’t open until 6:00AM so teams had to wait a couple of hours. Since Hayden & Aaron beat Jonathan & Victoria to the board there was another big ass yelling match between them. When the stadium opened, teams found that this was a Roadblock in which one team member had to do a hot rocket bungee on a huge crane. All of the women decided to do the bungee. After the Roadblock, teams found that they needed to make their way to Budapest, Hungary and find marked cars, called trabbants, at the airport for their next clue.

Getting flights into Hungary wasn’t too interesting except for the fact that Freddy & Kendra, Hayden & Aaron, and Gus & Hera got on the first flight. Jonathan & Victoria, Kris & Jon, and Adam & Rebecca got on the second flight which arrived an hour later than the first. Lori & Bolo got on the third flight which arrived ten minutes later than the second. Once in Budapest, the teams found these tiny unreliable cars for their drive to Eger, Hungary.

On the way there, not only did Lori & Bolo have to stop and ask for directions after getting lost a bunch of times, but their car broke down for an indeterminate amount of time. It must have been a long time before they received their replacement car because it was dark by the time they got to Eger for the Detour. Kris & Jon broke down and had to wait for a replacement car, but they apparently didn’t have to wait very long.

Once in Eger, teams encountered a Detour: Catapult Crash or Cannonball Run. In Catapult Crash teams had to fire a melon using a catapult to hit a target. In Cannonball Run, teams had to carry a cannon and cannonballs up a hill. Two teams tried to do the Catapult task, but eventually opted for the Cannonball task once they realized the difficulty of the Catapult task. Everybody did Cannonball when it was all said and done. After the Detour, teams had to make their way to the train station and catch a train back to Budapest. After taking the train back, teams had to make their way to an Internet Cafe for their next clue. The cafe had hours of 10:00PM to 10:00AM and all of the teams had to wait for the cafe to open.

Lori & Bolo were so behind the other teams that did not make the last train to Budapest, which was at around 7:30PM and had to wait for the next train at 7:23AM. As the rest of the teams made their way into the cafe, Lori & Bolo were on a train waiting for their morning train ride. Then, for the first time in Amazing Race history, there was a “to be continued” on the screen. Is it just prolonging the inevitable, we’ll see in two weeks since the next episode that airs is a recap of past episodes.

Funniest Moment: Jonathan & Victoria getting kicked out of a cab on the way to the Internet Cafe.
Smartest Play: Jonathan & Victoria making up time on the way to Eger to pass several other teams.
Dumbest Play: Lori & Bolo taking so long getting to Eger.
Balls of the Week: None.

Next Team Eliminated: Lori & Bolo (Unless there is a miracle)
Pick to Win: Kris & Jon (Currently Tied for 1st)

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