Don & Mary Jean, Eliminated

In this leg of the race, teams started on the Island of Goree off the coast of Senegal, Africa. Teams had to find the most well-known Slave House on the island. After arriving at the house, teams found a parchment detailing that in the morning they would be given an opportunity to place a single rose on the archway of the Door of No Return, which was the door that slaves walked through as they headed onto boats to the New World. It was a very emotional task that all of the teams had to perform one-by-one and the first time such a task was part of the race. Gus broke down into tears as he acknowledged ancestors that may have passed through the same doorway. It was pretty amazing, like the race itself.

After the task, teams found that they needed to make their way to Berlin, Germany. All of the teams were bunched up and waited for the next ferry. At this point, Don & Mary Jean asked other teams for money and ended up with enough money for the entire leg. Again, starting with no money had little factor on the race. As teams left the ferry building in taxis, Kendra said some fucked up shit about the Africans. Let me just say this about this bitch. She’s a complainer, she doesn’t want to sleep on the floor, she talks smack about other cultures, she is an ugly American by all definition, and she deserves to lose this race. If she wins, I’ll be pissed. Not as much as I would be if Jonathat wins, but pissed nonetheless.

At the airport, Hayden & Aaron were going to buy tickets for Freddy & Kendra and Bolo almost kicked the shit out of them–it was pretty crazy. He totally lost it and I thought fist would fly, but at the end everything was for naught. Everyone got the tickets on the next flight to Berlin and the drama turned out to be unwarranted.

After arriving, the teams had to make their way to the Eastside Gallery of the Berlin Wall to find their next clue. Kendra was still talking shit about Senegal, which she described as the “Africa Ghetto.” Don’t get me started again. Anyway, all teams took taxis to the train station and had to get on the S-Bohn to get to the wall. Once there, Freddy & Kendra and Adam & Rebecca decided to walk behind the wall, not on the street side, to look for the clue. Just how dumb are these guys!? The clue box was on the sidewalk side of the wall. The next clue instructed teams to make their way to a broken chain statue across the street from a church in downtown Berlin.

All the teams except Don & Mary Jean took taxis to the church, this slowed them down considerably since the vantage point of the train station didn’t allow them to see the statue. At the statue, teams found a Detour: Beer or Brats. In Beer, teams delivered beers to tables in a bar to collect coasters. In Brats, teams had to make a continuous bratwurst sausage with five seven-inch links. Jonathan & Victoria were in the lead as they completed the Brats challenge and Freddy & Kendra were the first at the Beer challenge. After the Detour, teams needed to make their way to Teufelsberg mountain for their next clue, a Roadblock. In this Roadblock, one team member had to drive a soap box car down the mountain in a time of 35 seconds or better. All the teams except Lori & Bolo took taxis to the mountain. Lori & Bolo took the train and almost got themselves eliminated.

After the Detour, teams needed to make their way to the Brandenburg Gate in marked cars, park at a lot, and go by foot to the gate, the Pitstop for this leg of the race. The story of this leg of the race though is that Jonathan & Victoria were in the lead and Jonathan started to have a breakdown exclaiming, ?If another team beats us I?m gonna lose it!? Sure enough, because of his trantum, they arrived at the parking at the exact same time as Freddy & Kendra. In the foot race, Freddy & Kendra overtook them. Jonathan dropped his bag for the sprint and Victoria decided to pick us his bag for fear that someone would take it. Victoria carried both bags, in tears, screaming “Jon!” all the way to the Pitstop. Right before entering the Pitstop, Jonathan yelled, “Why did you pick up my bag!?” and pushed Victoria violently. True to his promise, he lost it because of the second place finish. Jonathan was defending his actions to Phil at the Pitstop when Phil said, “I think you probably should go and talk to Victoria.” How embarrassing is it when the shows host is telling you how to act towards your wife? Jonathan is a wife-beating loser!

Alas, Lori & Bolo barely edged out Don & Mary Jean to the Pitstop and Don & Mary Jean were eliminated. Their final interview was awesome, since both team members had nothing but praise for each other. Polar opposites from Jon & Victoria.

Funniest Moment: Jon yelling at Adam & Rebecca to stop following him.
Smartest Play: Freddy & Kendra overtaking Jonathan & Victoria for first place.
Dumbest Play(s): Lori & Bolo taking a train to the Roadblock.
Balls of the Week: Victoria for being married to such an asshole.

Next Team Eliminated: Gus & Hera or Jonathan & Victoria (Hopefully)
Pick to Win: Kris & Jon (Currently 4th)

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