Don & Mary Jean, Last Place

In this leg of the race, teams had to make their way to Town Hall Tower in Stockholm, Sweden to find their next clue. The two youngest and fittest teams, Kris & Jon and Hayden & Aaron who were basically tied for first and one hour ahead of Gus & Hera, the third place team, would probably now be bunched up with the other teams–again! During the start interview, Rebecca conceded, “When I met Adam, he didn’t even cut his own toenails, believe it or not? His mother did. I told him, If you are going to be my boyfriend, you have to cut your own toenails.” Okay this is not only sad, but it’s pretty gross. It’s also one of the funniest and strangest things I’ve ever heard be described about a team member in the race. Be afraid!

The first four teams, Kris & Jon, Hayden & Aaron, Gus & Hera, and Jonathan & Victoria had asked people at the tower what time the tower opened in the morning and they were told 10:00AM. The first four teams went to a hotel planning to return to the tower at 10:00AM the next morning. Adam & Rebecca walked up to the gate at 6:00AM and realized that the gate to the tower opened at 7:00AM, not 10:00AM. This is another example as to why teams need to tough it out and sleep outside for the race. Had the leading teams been sleeping directly outside the tower they would have been able to maintain their lead. The mistake of going to a hotel allowed trailing teams Adam & Rebecca and Freddy & Kendra to leapfrog past the other teams. Sadly, my current pick to win, Kris & Jon were temporarily relegated to last place.

The next clue advised teams to fly to the city of Dakar in the African country of Senegal to find their next clue outside the airport. All the drama at the tower was all for not, since all of the teams eventually ended up on the same flight to Dakar, arriving at 7:55PM. In Dakar, teams had to make their way to a cemetery to find Senghor’s Grave. At first glance, Senegal seemed very sketchy. I was surprised that the race producers would plan to have a bunch of Americans land in this country, especially at night. Also, the conditions of some of the cabs were very bad. You could almost foresee a breakdown. The first to suffer a beatdown were Don & Mary Jean with a flat tire. Luckily, this driver actually had a spare. Either way, the cemetery didn’t open until 7:30AM, so teams were again bunched up. After sleeping in a local hotel (not shown), all teams entered the cemetery at 7:30AM looking for the right grave.

The clue at the grave advised teams to go to the fishing village of Kayar to find their next clue, a Detour: Stack ‘Em Up or Pull ‘Em Up. In Stack ‘Em Up, teams must carry baskets of fish to a fish drying table and stack the fish to cover what appears to be a 12′ x 12’ table. In Pull ‘Em Up, teams need to take a local fishing boat and use traditional lines to catch a total of four fish. Gus & Hera and Don & Mary Jean were the only two teams that chose to go fishing. All others chose to stack fish instead. Don throwing up from being seasick helped them catch fish more quickly. The fish stacking appeared simple enough, stinky and gross for sure, but it didn’t require being seasick which I am sure was nice.

After the Detour, teams needed to make their way to a Roadblock. In this Roadblock, one team member needed to harvest enough salt from a salt lake to fill a 25 gallon basket. Wow, that’s a lot of salt to harvest! It seemed that to complete this task, team members had to do at least ten trips into the lake. This difficult task made apparent how much of a pussy Adam really is. I mean, forget the toenail fiasco, a girl beat him on this task which was predominated by physical strength. On second thought, don’t be afraid.

After the Roadblock, teams needed to travel by taxi to Dakar and take a ferry to the Island of Goree, the Pit Stop for this leg of the race. On the way to the ferry, Kris & Jon passed Jonathan & Victoria thanks to a fearless and crafty taxi driver. And once again my team, Kris & Jon, finished in first place. Don & Mary Jean were trailing in last place, and Mary Jean’s fearless performance in doing the salt harvest made you wish that this wasn’t an elimination leg. And luckily for them it wasn’t. They’ll start out without money in the next leg, but they are scrappy and just a few minutes behind Gus & Hera. Either one of those two teams will probably be eliminated next.

Funniest Moment(s): Rebecca revealing that Adam’s mom used to cut his toenails when they met–gross!
Smartest Play: Kris & Jon doing quick work in the Detour and Roadblock for a come-from-behind win.
Dumbest Play(s): Teams going to a hotel outside the Townhall Tower.
Balls of the Week: Mary Jean completing the salt harvest Roadblock.

Next Team Eliminated: Gus & Hera or Don & Mary Jean
Pick to Win: Kris & Jon (Currently 1st)

The previews for next week look really good, since it appears that a fight breaks out between Hayden & Aaron and Lori & Bolo. That should be good. Who will be eliminated next!?

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