Meredith & Maria, Eliminated

In this leg of the race, teams had to make their way from Iceland to Oslo, Norway. Upon landing teams had to drive themselves to the Holmenkollen Ski Jump to find their next clue. Teams had $181 for this leg of the race and all teams were on the same flight to Norway from Iceland. I found it interesting that teams 2 through 6 were all only 2 minutes apart from each other, even though it didn’t appear that close in the episode, probably due to editing.

Immediately upon arriving at the ski jump, teams found a Roadblock which read “Who’s ready to perform an Olympian feat?” We were also informed of the new rule: no person may perform more than six Roadblocks for the duration of the race. This will make things a lot more interesting, since no one person can hog the Roadblocks for any particular team.

The Roadblock consisted of riding a zip line from the top of the ski lift to the bottom. Not surprisingly, Meredith & Maria had more difficulties. Not at the ski lift, but getting there. It seems that Maria could not drive a stick, and didn’t get any better at it as she continued to drive. Eventually, she was in tears because she continued to stall. The funniest moment though was reserved for Adam, who exclaimed, “I love my mom!” and cried like a little girl all the way down the zip line. What a pussy!

After the Roadblock, teams then had to drive more than 50 miles to the village of Brandu and find a traditional Viking village for their next clue. On the way there, Jonathan was in are form. He managed to push his wife back as he was asking for directions and bumped her head with the rear hatch of the SUV upon getting there. No apologies either time. Damn, is this guy is a wife beater? I bet he actually hits her on camera before the race is over. Jonathan started screaming like a lunatic when they got to the village “we’re team number one!” They were clearly the third team there. Lena & Kristy couldn’t believe the abuse that Victoria endured. Due to Maria’s driving, Meredith & Maria were last to the village.

The teams were there for the night and woke up to find out that they had to divide into different teams of five to row across a lake in Viking boats. After a Viking horn blew, the boats raced across a lake to a marker. It wasn’t even fair, the boat with Bolo & Lori, Adam & Rebecca, Hayden & Aaron, Kris & Jon, and Lena & Kristy completely left behind the boat with Gus & Hera, Jonathan & Victoria, Meredith & Maria, Freddy & Kendra, and Don & Mary. It’s interesting that even though the teams got a chance to choose who would be in each boat the relatively weak teams ended up in one boat and the strong teams in another. Guess which boat Jonathan & Victoria were on? Jonathan proceeded to berate the entire boat for their performance and you could tell nobody wanted to be on that boat. It seems that the first boat had a five minute lead on the other.

After this strange task, teams found a clue to take the train to the town of Voss. Freddy & Kendra dropped their clue on the way to the car from the dock and decided to take another clue from the clue box on the dock. More on that later. On the way to the train station, Adam & Rebecca had a huge fight because Rebecca told Adam to take off his glasses on the boat and he forgot them there. They looked like they were going to fall apart, but he apologized and things were well after that. Unlike Jonathan & Victoria, who seem to be on the verge of divorce daily.

Once in Voss, teams had to take marked cars to a Detour. Of course, these cars have manual transmission as well, so Meredith & Maria were fucked. It took them forever to get to their destination and the Detour. In the Detour teams had to choose between Endurance and Accuracy. In Endurance, teams had to roller ski down a 1 and a half mile course before receiving their next clue. In Accuracy, teams had to do three Viking accuracy games. The games included knocking down wooden blocks in order, hitting a stump with a throwing axe, and shooting an arrow into a target. Teams were fucking themselves up going down the hill. It seems that everyone that did this fell at least once, but Aaron fell pretty much continuously–it’s a miracle that he finished the course at all. At the beginning he said, “This is not safe!” Apparently, he was right.

Lori & Bolo, Lena & Kristy, Hayden & Aaron, and Adam & Rebecca chose Endurance. While Jonathan & Victoria, Gus & Hera, Kris & Jon, Freddy & Kendra, Don & Mary Jean, and Meredith & Maria chose Accuracy. After the Detour, teams had to make their way to Nesheimstunet, a 1000-year-old traditional farm in the Norwegian country-side and the Pit Stop in this leg of the race. On the way out of the Detour, Don & Mary Jean took Adam & Rebecca’s car by mistake and had to double back to the Detour upon realizing that they had taken it. It was really funny watching Adam & Rebecca look for the car that wasn’t there until Don & Mary Jean drove back. Craziness.

There was more drama at the Pit Stop. Lori & Bolo landed on the mat in 5th place and Lori shook the shit out of Phil. The look on Phil’s face was funny as hell. A little later, Freddy & Kendra received a surprise 30 minute penalty for picking up two clues from a clue box earlier in the race. They had come in 6th and had to wait within sight of the Pit Stop mat and watch other teams come onto the mat. Luckily for them, Lena & Kristy took a wrong turn out of the Detour and were delayed–they almost came in last. Freddy & Kendra sat out their penalty and came in 8th. However, Meredith & Maria took a long time at the Detour and compounded with their crappy driving they were eliminated from the race.

Funniest Moment(s): 1) Adam crying like a girl down the zip line 2) Don & Mary taking Adam & Rebecca’s car and 3) Lori shaking Phil when they reached the Pit Stop mat.
Smartest Play: Gus & Hera making quick work of the Accuracy challenge.
Dumbest Play(s): Don & Mary taking Adam & Rebecca’s car.
Balls of the Week: The producer and cameraman that were in the car o’death with Meredith & Maria–I was carsick just watching it.

Next Team Eliminated: Gus & Hera
Pick to Win: Kris & Jon (Currently 1st)

Okay I was wrong about Gus & Hera for this episode, but their time is coming. Who will be eliminated next!?

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  1. I figured dumbest play would go to Meredith & Maria for entering the Amazing Race without being able to drive a manual transmission. I mean, damn, have they never watched the show before?

    #1 by Dave — November 28, 2004 @ 6:03 pm

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