Avi & Joe, Eliminated

Although I watched this episode the night that it aired, I haven’t had a chance to write down a review until now. Luckily, the power of the DirecTiVo allows me to watch it as many times as I want. If you don’t have a DirecTiVo, I highly recommend getting one. But, I digress.

In the first episode of the race, teams were briefly introduced before starting the race. The first thing that strikes you while watching this is that everyone is much better looking than in previous races. However, I don’t think that they are so good looking as to alienate the Amazing Race core audience. At least that’s my opinion. We’ll see.

The race started in front of Buckingham Fountain in Grant Park in Downtown Chicago. Mama and I were there a couple of years ago and I took some photos. Teams had to make their way from Downtown Chicago to Reykjavic, Iceland by taking the Blue Line rail to O’Hare International Airport. Almost immediately, Jonathan, of team Jonathan & Victoria, emerged as the villain of this race. This guy is arrogant, obnoxious, and treats his wife like shit. It is obvious that she is with him only for the money, since they are seen driving a Ferrari in the team introduction segment. Don’t get me wrong, I am not playa hatin’ because of the Ferrari, it’s just the behavior that is unacceptable.

Once at the airport, teams had to choose flights that were all scheduled to land within five minutes of each other in Iceland. However, the plane with Gus & Hera, Hayden & Aaron, and Joe & Avi, which was supposed to land first was delayed for nearly an hour, placing them in the back of the pack once teams arrived in Iceland. Once in Iceland, teams had to drive 130 miles to Seljalandsfoss waterfall to find their next clue.

This task proved to be difficult for some of the teams. First, Lena & Kristy and Freddy & Kendra drove past Seljalandsfoss waterfall and continued on to another waterfall. Realizing their mistake they doubled back. Later, Meredith & Maria also drove past it thinking that the team behind them made a wrong turn. The clue at the waterfall advised teams to drive over 260 miles to Europe’s largest glacier, Vatnajokull.

Meredith & Maria never found the waterfall. On the road to Vatnajokull, Hayden & Aaron passed Meredith & Maria, who were still looking for the waterfall, and signaled for them to follow–they did. They didn’t realize that they weren’t heading to the waterfall until an hour and a half later at a gas station. They doubled back to the waterfall thinking that they would be eliminated.

It was a road race to the glacier and it seemed that every team passed Gus & Hera. Gus kept telling Hera, who was driving, to allow the other teams to pass. Does he not realize it is a race! I think that they are definitely the next ones to be eliminated.

Teams arrived at Vatnajokull and ran to sign up for a bus to the glacier’s edge. Each charter bus would carry only three teams. After the bus ride, teams had to snowmobile their way to a tent camp two miles from the glacier’s edge. There they would find tents with different departure times that were a half hour apart, from 10:00AM to 11:30AM. Luckily for Meredith & Maria, this would allow them to catch up to the rest of the teams and put them on an 11:30AM bus and tied for last place with Gus & Hera and Don & Mary Jean.

At the glacier, Jonathan & Victoria yelled at each other, Lori & Bolo wrestled, and Meredith & Maria rejoiced at the fact that they were not eliminated. The next morning, Gus showed everyone exactly how large he is by leaving his tent and rubbing snow on himself in his underwear–not a pretty sight. It was like a bear waking up from hibernation. Even more scary is that his daughter Hera had to be in the tent with him all night. Talk about too close for comfort.

The next morning, teams took their respective shuttles back to their marked cars, where they opened clues instructing them to drive over 20 miles to find the next Route Marker at Glacier Ice Beach. This was their first Detour: Ice Climb or Ice Search. In Ice Climb, teams would drive 35 miles to climb an ice wall at the edge of a glacier. In Ice Search, teams would get on a boat and search for a buoy on a seven-square-mile lagoon filled with icebergs.

Only two teams, Avi & Joe and Gus & Hera chose to Ice Search. Avi & Joe searched the lagoon for what seemed like hours, while Gus & Hera found the buoy very quickly. After the Detour, teams needed to drive 200 miles to the Blue Lagoon, the Pit Stop for this leg of the race. Teams raced to the Pit Stop.

For whatever reason, Adam & Rebecca decided to stop for gas even though other teams didn’t. And of course, they filled their diesel engine vehicle with gasoline. Realizing the mistake before driving off, the they had to wait while the mechanic drained their gas tank. This put them in the back of the pack. Ultimately, the biggest mistake was made by Avi & Joe. After taking forever in the Detour, they decided to take backroads instead of the highway all the way to the Blue Lagoon, were a few seconds behind Gus & Hera, and were eliminated.

Funniest Moment: Gus rubbing ice on himself like a bear on the glacier.
Smartest Play: Hayden & Aaron waving at Meredith & Maria to follow them.
Dumbest Play(s): Tie: 1) Meredith & Maria following Hayden & Aaron in the wrong direction for an hour and a half and 2) Adam & Rebecca stopping for gas and filling up with gasoline instead of diesel.
Balls of the Week: Hera sleeping in a tent with her father Gus.

Next Team Eliminated: Gus & Hera
Pick to Win: Kris & Jon

Who will be eliminated next!?

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  1. I can’t wait to see Jonathan get eliminated. He’s such an ass….

    #1 by Meerenai — November 22, 2004 @ 10:58 am

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