“Would the FCC conclude that the movie has sufficient social, artistic, literary, historical or other kinds of value that would protect us from breaking the law…with the current FCC, we just don’t know.”
–Raymond Cole, President WOI-TV, Regarding Saving Private Ryan

ABC affiliates in Alabama, Georgia, Iowa, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina and West Virginia said they would not air the network broadcast of Saving Private Ryan. The affiliates are fearful of running afoul with the FCC due to the scenes of violence and foul language depicted in the film.

How sad is this? Surely the film has social and historical value, since it depicts some of the harsh realities of World War II from an American perspective. Surely it has artistic and literary value, since it was directed by Spielberg. Also, surely, the Bush administration and the FCC are having a chilling effect on free speech. So much so, that media is censoring itself. Really sad.

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