It seems Rod and Randa Milliron have a little rocket envy. They had hopes of winning the Ansari X Prize, but the Scaled Composites team put SpaceShipOne into suborbit first. Now the Millirons are shooting for the $50 million dollar prize announced earlier this week by hotel mogul Robert Bigelow. Without any major funding, the Millirons have built and tested equipment that could possibly launch satellites and eventually people into outer space.

This brings out the nerd in me. I mean, it seems like people are building spaceships in their basements out of old Gateway PCs and Atari 2600s. The possibility of private space flight seems well within our reach. Next thing you know, some college student’s going to invent warp drive after a night of binge drinking which means you and I will be having Vulcans over for dinner and Parcheesi games. I can’t wait!

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