Greetings to all! Mama and I landed last night and are still suffering from a little jetlag. It’s a ten hour time difference between San Francisco and Germany and we can definitely feel it. I was wide awake this morning at 3:00AM. Once I am fully recovered from the lag I will be back to regular posts, including the journal and photographs from the trip.

Thanks to Jimmy and Meerenai for keeping things running on the site while I was gone. Sadly though, I just spent about an hour and a half deleting comment spam from the site. The comment spammers had a fucking field day during my absence, but now all comment spam has been removed and the site has been completely rebuilt. Also, and I hate to do it, all comments must now be personally approved by me before they will appear on the site, this should eliminate comment spamming completely. Fuckers!!!

The vacation was great and very much needed. I found out about my promotion to the firm’s management team right before leaving and I just found out my salary and bonus for the year. Things are well. Please look for the Europe trip entry after the decompression is over. Oddly, as excited as I was to leave, it’s good to be back.

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