A tape of Osama Bin Laden was aired on Al-Jazeera earlier today. In the taped message, Bin Laden for the first time took credit for the 9/11 attacks and explained his reasoning behind it. He also criticized Bush directly in the following excerpt:

“It never occurred to us that the commander-in-chief of the American armed forces would leave 50,000 of his citizens in the two towers to face these horrors alone. It appeared to him (Bush) that a little girl’s talk about her goat and its butting was more important than the planes and their butting of the skyscrapers. That gave us three times the required time to carry out the operations, thank God.”

Even Osama Bin Laden knows that Bush was reading “My Pet Goat” when the attack occured, and Bin Laden reportedly lives in caves along the Indian and Pakistani border. Just on that fact alone Bush should not be re-elected. When a crazy mofo like Osama is making fun of you, you know it’s time for you to pack up your shit and leave. I think this is going to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. No pun intended, since I know that is Osama’s vehicle of choice. Ultimately and sadly, I think that it is the words of this madman that may finally shift the election in Kerry’s favor.

A visit to the Amazing Race 6 website this morning showed that CBS is finally gearing up for the series. The site includes detailed bios for all eleven teams and appears to be the same “passport” format used in the Amazing Race 5 website. Out of the 22 people (11 teams) on the show, six people on four teams are models and a fifth team has two personal trainers in it. It is clear that CBS is trying to have more than a couple of pretty people on the show, which is a formula that has worked well with other reality shows. I just hope that this doesn’t alienate the show’s core audience which thrives on the fact that contestants are regular people that everyone can relate to. We’ll see. Either way, be sure to watch the premiere on November 16th!

The comment spammers still haven’t let up trying to post ads in the comments of the entries on the site. Configuring the site to approve comments just means that I have to sift through tons of comment spam and delete them before they hit the site. I really don’t have time for that! So now I’ve setup comment registration in which users register through Movable Type’s free service called TypeKey to post comments on the site. I think that this will be a much better solution to cut down on comment spam–let’s see how this works.

Did you know there are bills before congress to put an abridged version of the U.S. Constitution on the back of $1 bills? Bills H.R.1785 and S. 244 were initiated by students at Liberty Middle School in Ashland, Virginia in an effort to make our nation’s top legal document a fixture on American currency.

This is the first I’ve heard of the initiative. I saw a full-page ad for the project in a magazine and was thrilled by the idea. How could this NOT be cool? It’s a shame that many Americans don’t know their rights as citizens and the prospect of having those rights visible to anyone wanting to get a soda from a vending machine is priceless. I just wonder why no one thought of this idea sooner? Perhaps we could also print other important documents on the backs of other currency as well?

Well, I just finished upgrading from Movable Type 3.0D to the current version, Movable Type 3.121. Unfortunately, I kinda goofed and accidentally blew away all blog entries (and their associated comments) from 9/6/2004 through 9/30/2004 and all comments for entries created from 9/30/2004 through this entry.

This is really unfortunate, as this is the first time that I have lost data from the Daily Nugget since its inception over two years ago. The good news is that the new version of Movable Type is a lot more stable even if it doesn’t protect me from my own dumb user errors.

As seen on Memepool, this site shows what appears to be a reality show in which Japanese girls agree to bitchslap the shit out of each other. The reason why they slap each other isn’t really explained, except that possibly the host of the show is asking them to do it. However, one thing is certain, some of these girls are releasing pent up anger. I also find it really funny that they all fix their hair after each smackdown. It’s like a train wreck–check it out.

Fidel Castro, the 78-year-old leader and patriarch of Cuba, fell off a concrete step after delivering a graduation speech in Santa Clara, Cuba on Wednesday night. What I find amazing though is that all American media outlets proceeded to show the fall in graphic detail on the evening news, as if collectively poking fun at the event. Granted this guy is a hero or a murderer depending on who you ask, but he’s still a 78-year-old man. It’s just not funny when an old man falls, is it!? Okay, the pictures are pretty funny.

The Amazing Race 6 has been rescheduled into the Tuesday night time slot and will premiere on November 16th. This is the third time that the series has been rescheduled in what has been a roller coaster ride for the show. Thanks to the popularity of The Amazing Race 5 and the second emmy that the show received, CBS decided to move The Amazing Race 6 from the Saturday night “death” schedule into the higher profile Tuesday night spot. Big ups to Dave for letting me know of the announcement.

Greetings to all! Mama and I landed last night and are still suffering from a little jetlag. It’s a ten hour time difference between San Francisco and Germany and we can definitely feel it. I was wide awake this morning at 3:00AM. Once I am fully recovered from the lag I will be back to regular posts, including the journal and photographs from the trip.

Thanks to Jimmy and Meerenai for keeping things running on the site while I was gone. Sadly though, I just spent about an hour and a half deleting comment spam from the site. The comment spammers had a fucking field day during my absence, but now all comment spam has been removed and the site has been completely rebuilt. Also, and I hate to do it, all comments must now be personally approved by me before they will appear on the site, this should eliminate comment spamming completely. Fuckers!!!

The vacation was great and very much needed. I found out about my promotion to the firm’s management team right before leaving and I just found out my salary and bonus for the year. Things are well. Please look for the Europe trip entry after the decompression is over. Oddly, as excited as I was to leave, it’s good to be back.

Instead of posting on Monster, they have their own standardized test. Brilliant!

Google’s Desktop Search Beta. Once it indexes your hard drive, you can search for anything on your computer using Google’s UI. It even indexes your messages in Outlook so that you can find that message your boss sent three weeks ago. Having tooled around with it for an hour or so, I must say that it’s one of the best, most useful pieces of software I’ve installed on my computer behind Star Wars Galaxies and Firefox.

Maria Alquilar was commissioned by the city of Livermore, California to paint a mural for the local library. After finishing the mural and collecting her $40,000 for the job, library staff noticed that 11 of the 175 words in her piece were misspelled including the names of Einstein, Shakespeare, and van Gogh. Alquilar agreed to fix the spelling mistakes for $6,000. Now you know why education is so important.

A man that shared an $87 million California lottery jackpot in 2000 was shot and killed by police in Seattle. Police state Rick Camat brandished a weapon and aimed it at police during a brawl before the Rams-Seahawks game Sunday. Camat’s relatives insist he was only firing warning shots to disperse the melee. However, prudence would suggest that pulling out a firearm after drinking at a bar is not the most effective way to manage a crowd. Also, why would you need to be strapped for a Seahawks game? I’d understand if he were watching the Raiders play, but the Seahawks? Unwise.

Christopher Reeve, best known for his role as Superman, has died at the age of 52.

It seems Rod and Randa Milliron have a little rocket envy. They had hopes of winning the Ansari X Prize, but the Scaled Composites team put SpaceShipOne into suborbit first. Now the Millirons are shooting for the $50 million dollar prize announced earlier this week by hotel mogul Robert Bigelow. Without any major funding, the Millirons have built and tested equipment that could possibly launch satellites and eventually people into outer space.

This brings out the nerd in me. I mean, it seems like people are building spaceships in their basements out of old Gateway PCs and Atari 2600s. The possibility of private space flight seems well within our reach. Next thing you know, some college student’s going to invent warp drive after a night of binge drinking which means you and I will be having Vulcans over for dinner and Parcheesi games. I can’t wait!

Think Secret, a Mac news site, is reporting that Apple will be unveiling a photo-capable iPod within the next 30 to 60 days. The new 60GB device would sport a hi-res color screen capable of displaying photos and video. There are also rumors that the new iPod would have a built-in digital camera. Adding photo and video capability to the already ubiquitous music player will have it flying off the shelves this holiday season which would only emphasize Apple’s dominance in this market.

Howard Stern will be taking his show to satellite radio after his contract with Viacom expires in 2006. This is a boon for Sirius Satellite Radio who will air Stern’s show, but satellite radio should benefit from the move altogether.

It will be interesting to see how this will affect broadcast radio. I haven’t listened to radio in years because the programming is horrible. I’ve been interested in satellite radio because the thought of actually listening to music rather than commercials turns me on. Having Stern uncensored will possibly be the thing that will get people to subscribe to the service.

Hotel entrepreneur Robert Bigelow wants to put 5 people into orbit. He’s putting $50 million dollars into the pot for the first non-government group that can do it before 2010.

This is exciting stuff. Rich guys funding people to do cool shizzle. That’s very Renaissance. I hope more wealthy visionaries get into this because the world is in great need of some innovation.

Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan are feuding! Say it isn’t so! It’s going to be difficult to choose sides, but I guess I’ll have to go with the one who is old enough to date me.

WINNER: Lindsay Lohan

Hurry, Hilary, and turn 18 at which time I will flip a coin to choose the victor. Actually, I think that would be victrix. I knew all that Latin would come in handy some day.

Rodney Dangerfield dies due to complications from heart surgery. He was 82.

My favorite Rodney movie is Back to School. Who can forget the Triple Lindy? Or Rodney telling Kurt Vonnegut that he knew nothing about Kurt Vonnegut? And he had Oingo Boingo play a keg party! How cool is that?

Since Fabe Ruth isn’t going to be hitting homers on the DN, I feel a responsibility to keep this place hopping until he returns. The task seems daunting, but I will persevere because it’s the least I can do for someone that has brought us so much joy.


Perhaps I could talk about the Ansari X Prize, which SpaceShipOne won yesterday with its second successful flight into space. Did anyone notice the Virgin logo on the ship? I think we should all chip in for Nugget’s ride into space.

The girlfriend and I did a little shopping at JC Penney’s. Walked around the ladies’ department and wondered the following…

Why do the mannequins have nipples? They are headless and legless, but, for some reason, it looks like it’s a little to cold in the store.