I watched Arnold’s speech at the RNC to see if he had anything interesting to say. The Repubs brought him out to New York clearly to appeal to immigrant voters and he did just that. He exclaimed to immigrants, “We Republicans admire your ambition. We encourage your dreams. We believe in your future.” If only that were true. Republican lawmakers have historically tried to isolate us and reduce immigrant quotas.

Pete Wilson, the former governor of California, tried himself to practically close the Mexican border by removing Mexican immigration quotas completely. He even joked in a speech that perhaps the best way to protect California against immigration was to erect an electric fence between California and Mexico. It didn’t sound like Pete was all about immigrant ambitions, dreams, and future back then!

And what the hell does Arnold know about being an average immigrant, the guy was Mr. Universe like seven times! This is not the average immigrant experience. A guy picking strawberries or grapes in a field has no idea what it’s like to have orgies with beautiful women after a bodybuilding contest. There are two Americas and the average immigrant doesn’t live in the one that Arnold does.

The speeches on the convention are so riddled with holes and incosistencies that they are truly hard for me to even watch. I can only imagine what Cheney will say after they let him out of his cave. It’s almost too painful to watch.

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