Cheney as The Penguin

As I watched the Cheney speech, his monotone voice made me drift off. I have to admit, the RNC has me a little depressed. I couldn’t help but think that Cheney had the mannerisms of Burgess Meredith, you know, the Penguin in the old Batman TV show. I decided to try and Photoshop something, and lo and behold, I found a picture of exactly what I wanted on the Internet. And here I thought I had come up with something original.

How can someone that awarded a no-bid $7 billion contract to his old company say anything of import anyway? His party isn’t even happy with him. Senator Al D’Amato of New York suggested that Bush drop Cheney from the ticket in favor of someone better. It may be childish, but this picture makes me feel a whole lot better.

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