Brandon & Nicole in Last Place

In this ninth leg of the race, teams had to make their way from Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, to Calcutta, India. Prior to leaving Dubai though, teams had to make their way to the Wild Wadi water park to ride down the park’s largest waterslide. Kami & Karli started this race last and without money, but they quickly made this a non-issue. Almost immediately they met a gentleman that gave them $200 dollars for the opportunity to hug twins. He also led them directly to the water park to boot. The twins quickly ended up with the rest of the pack and with more money than anybody else.

After the waterslide, teams had to make their way to the Dubai airport. This was almost a disaster for Chip & Kim. The clue said that teams had to drive themselves to the airport and they took a taxi instead. Luckily, they saw their mistake and returned to the park prior to boarding a plane. Also, Linda & Karen left a bag with their money and passports at the water park and had to return for it, losing valuable time. Linda & Karen also had a similar moment to that of Colin in the last leg–a dispute with a taxi driver over a fare. Unlike Colin however, the incident was resolved quickly and respectfully.

All the teams, except for Chip & Kim, ended up on the same flight to India. Chip & Kim had to take another route to their destination that would have them arrive 10 minutes behind the other teams. This became a non-issue, since the traffic on the streets of Calcutta decreased the 10-minute deficit. All the teams arrived at the Sahid Minar tower and refused to use the Yield on this leg of the race. Additionally, all of the teams chose not to do the Fast Forward proposed in the clue. All the teams made their way to a mud brick factory for their next clue.

The brick factory was a Roadblock in which one team member had to use a traditional make 20 mud bricks. This was a lot harder than it sounds on paper. Colin sucked at making these things and it was pretty funny to watch him breakdown under the pressure. Christie asked him to pack down the brick and he yelled, “I’m packing it!” What a dumb ass. Even funnier was watching Kami & Karli argue when Kami was having a hard time making the bricks. You had to see it.

Once all teams were at the brick factory, Brandon realized that making the bricks was very difficult. Brandon & Nicole, realizing that all of the teams were there, decided to take off in search of the Fast Forward. They took off to a Bhudist temple for a “ritual” only to find out that they had to shave their heads to advance. They refused. I’ll tell you what, racing for a million dollards, Mama and I would have both looked like Mr. Clean in a fucking heartbeat. No doubt. Brandon & Nicole pussied out in the middle of the race! If you ask me, they deserved elimination for their play here. Luckily, they got a non-elimination leg.

Chip & Kim and Colin & Christie finished the brick Roadblock first and headed to Sealdah train station via train to get their next clue, a Detour called “Heavy But Short” or “Light But Long.” In Heavy But Short, teams had to puch a taxi without an engine a half mile to a repair yard, and in Light But Long, teams had to put flowers into the Ganges River after navigating their way to a store in the Calcutta Market. All teams chose Heavy But Short, which seemed like a much easier task.

After the Detour, teams found out that they had to make their way to the Victoria Memorial, which was the Pit Stop for this leg of the race. Colin & Christie finished in first place, again, after edging out Chip & Kim. Linda & Karen and Kami & Karli finished third and fourth respectively and Brandon & Nicole finished in last place in in last place for this third of four non-elimination legs.

Funniest Moment: Colin not being able to make a mud brick.
Stupidest Moment: Two-Way Tie: 1) Linda & Karen getting into a taxi to get change at a bank when they could have asked the taxi driver directly. 2) Brandon & Nicole refusing to cut their hair as part of the Fast Forward.
Smartest Play: Kami & Karli getting $200 and a personal escort to their first clue.
Balls of the Week: All the women team members willing to get on a train in Calcutta, because people grab.

Teams I Hate: Kami & Karli, Brandon & Nicole, Colin & Christie
Teams I Like: Linda & Karen, Chip & Kim
Current Pick: Chip & Kim

Again, I normally don’t pick the losers, but I just don’t see Brandon & Nicole coming back from last place like Kami & Karli did. Then again I said the same thing about the twins last week. The Christians definitely won’t use sex appeal to get money like Kami & Karli did, so we’ll see if they get eliminated next!

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