After hearing the remarks of the opening night of the Republican convention last night one thing is clear, the Republican party is utterly confused, especially John McCain and Rudolph Giuliani.

John McCain, whose kids must be locked up in a dungeon somewhere by the Secret Service, came out and lauded the President for not changing his resolve on the war on terror. This is the same guy that the Bush camp destroyed durint the 2000 elections campaigning for him. They must have something really good on him. Resolve is the word of the day, but it should be stubborn. Stubborn enough to go against the United Nations, the popular will of the United States, and the International community at large to go to war with Iraq. WMDs or no WMDs, as it now turns out. Whatever!

News flash to all: being stubborn doesn’t make you a leader! A true leader knows when he is wrong and says so. A couple of days ago, the President said that he “miscalculated” on the amount of post-war resistance there would be in Iraq. Well, admission is the first step to recovery, but I am afraid that it’s too little too late. Especially for the Americans that have lost loved ones in the war.

Not to be outdone, Giuliani stepped up and compared George W. to Winston Churchill and called him “rock solid.” Winston Churchill!? That’s such a crock the Republican party is distancing itself from the quote today. Solid as a rock!? Well, immobile as a rock is more like it, as evidenced in the seven minutes after he was informed of the 9/11 attack. Did he see Fahrenheit 9/11!? Giuliani also said that Bush “can see into the future.” Well, okay, if Rudy says it with conviction it must be true! Maybe George should open a 900 number and be the next Miss Cleo.

Who’s buying all this bullshit!? Stay informed and vote Democratic in November.

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