Charla & Mirna

I know this is more than a week late, but I’ve been crazy busy. In this seventh leg of the race, teams had to make their way from Luxor, Egypt to Nairobi, Kenya via Cairo. Once in Nairobi the teams were to board a chartered plane to a mystery location–Tanzania.

All of the teams made it to the airport without incident, and the flight was delayed enough to allow all of the teams to bunch up again prior to their flight to Cairo. Once in Cairo, teams had to make their way from the Domestic Airport to the International Airport via taxi. While waiting for Colin to pay the taxi driver, Christie blocked the airport doors as Charla & Mirna were coming in. This prompted Mirna to scream, “Move, bitch! Get out the way!” Straight-up rapper-style like Ludacris. Funny shit!

Here’s where shit gets ugly. Colin & Christie talked all of the other teams, except the bowling moms, to form an alliance against Charla & Mirna. Colin, inspired by just sheer animosity, decided to book crappy Swiss Air flights for the alliance teams while Charla & Mirna and Linda & Karen got great tickets on Gulf Air. The alliance teams were all pissed at Colin, but luckily they were able to exchange their tickets and make the Gulf Air flight just in time. In the layover, Mirna & Charla traded a connecting flight to try and jump a half-hour ahead of the other teams only to delayed and ended up last. This was the biggest reason for Charla & Mirna’s elimination.

Landing in Nairobi, Kenya teams booked chartered flights to their mystery destination with Colin & Christie and Chip & Kim in the lead. After landing in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania teams had to make their way by bus to Mto Wa Mbu, 70 miles away. This apparently meant paying whatever the market would bear. The price disparity was incredible. Colin & Christie and Chip & Kim paid $5 per person, while Brandon & Nicole and Kami & Karli paid $50 per person! They got punked, bigtime! Charla & Mirna and Linda & Karen negotiated the lowest price at $3 per person.

Adding insult to injury, the bus that had Brandon & Nicole and Kami & Karli ran out of gas. Thinking that their delay would get them a discount, Brandon & Nicole attempted to pay $90, since they paid $10 for the gas earlier. But upon arrival the driver wasn’t having it. He wanted an additional $10 and threatened them physically, slapping Nicole in the face with rolled up paper as they tried to read the next clue. They paid and got punked AND almost got their asses kicked! Incredible!

Anyway, once in the small town teams had a Detour: Buzzing and Busy. In Buzzing, teams had to put on a beekeeper outfit and harvest honey. In Busy, teams had to deliver furniture. All teams chose to deliver furniture for this Detour and finished the challenge with the assistance of locals and without incident. Chip & Kim were even offered food and beverage during their delivery! Very cool!

After the Detour, teams had to make their way to a local hotel for a Roadblock. In this Roadblock one team member had to eat a whole ostrich egg, which is equivalent to about a dozen chicken eggs! This sounds easy, but the consistency of the eggs is thicker and that’s a LOT of scrambled eggs to eat. The teams that did best in this were Chip & Kim and Linda & Karen. The team that did the worst was Colin & Christie. Colin could not get it together screwing up the pouring of the egg into a bowl, undercooking the egg, and them dry heaving the whole time he ate it. Payback for being a dick earlier I guess. This allowed Chip & Kim to take the lead and come in first.

After the egg beatdown teams needed to perform a zip line crossing of a gorge to the Pit Stop. This was uneventful. The saddest thing was the elimination of Charla & Mirna. I have to admit, they surprised me. I thought they would have been eliminated much earlier in the race, and Charla stepped up for little people everywhere. Even Phil choked back tears at the end there. Too bad, I though they would make it to at least the final three–they were scrappy.

Funniest Moment: Christie blocking the airport doors and Mirna calling her a bitch.
Stupidest Moment: Tie – Colin buying lame tickets for four teams & Colin unable to pour, cook, or eat the ostrich egg. The look on his face for both of these was also funny as hell.
Smartest Play: Linda & Karen’s whole leg, moving from 6th to 3rd.
Balls of the Week: Charla & Mirna and Linda & Karen rerouting a flight to gain a half-hour advantage only to be delayed.

Teams I Hate: Kami & Karli, Brandon & Nicole, Colin & Christie
Teams I Like: Linda & Karen, Chip & Kim
Current Pick: Chip & Kim

Up to this point I have commended Colin & Christie for their smart play. However, today they pissed me off when they first tried to block the airport door (Christie) and then tried to form an alliance to get rid of Charla & Mirna (Colin). Fuck ’em. My new pick is Chip & Kim, although it would be awesome if the bowling moms could be the first all-female team winners. Who will be eliminated next!?

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