Marshall & Lance

In this leg of the race, teams had to make their way from Cairo, Egypt to Luxor, Egypt, a 400 mile journey. Colin & Christie were the first to depart from last week’s Pit Stop, the Sphinx, at 11:27PM, a full seven hours before the other teams. Unfortunately, the hours of operation for the first challenge in one of the Great Pyramids forced them to wait until 6:00AM to proceed. Their seven-hour lead shrunk down to a mere 40 minutes.

In the first challenge, teams had to make their way down a narrow 350-foot shaft to the Creation Room of the pyramid to obtain their first clue. How cool is that!? Indiana Jones-style action on the race! All of the teams completed this task without incident, except for Marshall & Lance. It was clear from the beginning that Marshall’s aching knees would be their downfall.

The big story of this race was Linda & Karen. The bowling moms started this leg of the race without any money and immediately figured that the best way to get some money was to explain their situation to tourists. Sure enough, they struck pay dirt in the first large bus load of tourists. One British tourist gave them what appeared to be 20 pounds, that’s like 30 bucks!

Their story wasn’t without drama though. Linda & Karen left the creation room at 10:30AM and needed to make a chartered flight at 11:30AM in the Old Airport, the name of the domestic airport in Cairo. Their taxi driver claimed he knew where the old airport was and took them to the International Airport instead. It was 11:25AM. Fortunately for them, the chartered flight was delayed and the Old Airport was only 10 minutes away. They made it there at 11:35AM. Everything was reset–all of the teams were tied. Colin & Christie, who blew a seven-hour lead, were definitely pissed!

Before the bowling moms got to the airport, there was drama outside of the airport terminal. Charla & Mirna wanted to take Colin & Christie’s cab to the other terminal to check on the chartered flight, since there was confusion as to whether they were in the right place. Colin & Christie, fresh from finding out that the chartered flight was not in terminal 1, left their bags in the cab and told the driver to wait while they found out what was going on. Immediately, Charla & Mirna jump in the back seat of the cab prompting a big ass argument. Colin yelled, “This is our car. Our bags are in the trunk! Get out!” Christie added, “That is so rude, the audacity of these people!” I have to side with Colin & Christie on this one, I would told them to get the fuck out of my cab too.

Anyway, upon arriving in Luxor, the teams needed to make their way to the Karnac Temple to find their next clue. Charla & Mirna grabbed the first cab and took an early 2-second lead in the cab caravan, but Chip & Kim‘s driver drove his cab from the back of the pack to the front of the caravan on the opposite side of the road! It was so crazy that Chip was noticeably scared and trying to laugh it off.

At the Karnak temple there was a Detour and teams had to choose between Herd It or Haul It. In Haul It, teams had to haul water from the Nile River using an urn and a donkey, which may have required multiple trip to fill a large jug in the farm house. In Herd It, teams had to herd 10 sheep into a boat and take them across the Nile River. Colin & Christie and Brandon & Nicole chose Haul It, while everybody else chose Herd It. This was a great idea for both of these teams. The Haul It challenge was a lot shorter than the Herd It challenge. In Herd It, teams had to literally carry sheep onto the boats while watching the boat to ensure that sheep wouldn’t jump out. And the sheep are sheep are smelly, really smelly. Marshall & Lance were fucked! Lance had to basically do everything in this Detour and would later do the Roadblock as well.

After the Detour, teams had to make their way to the Habu Temple for the Roadblock. In this Roadblock, one team member had to dig through a 40 by 40 foot sandy dig site for a carved stone scarab using traditional archeology tools. This isn’t as easy as it sounds. Surprisingly not many team members used their feet to look for it, which would have seemed the best method to find the scarab.

All teams had a bit of difficulty on this Roadblock. Not just because of the size of the dig site, but none of them knew that a scarab was a beetle. Linda & Karen had a really tough time and at one point I thought they were going to quit. However, the first team to quit the Amazing Race before reaching a Pit Stop would be Marshall & Lance. Seeing that the other dig sites had been excavated, Lance said “Game over!” In an unprecedented moment, Phil Keoghan arrived at the Habu Temple dig to accept brothers Marshall & Lance’s decision to quit.

The teams reached the Pit Stop in the following order: Colin & Christie, Chip & Kim, Kami & Karli, Brandon & Nicole, Charla & Mirna, and Linda & Karen. Linda & Karen ran a great race given the circumstances, but they are still pulling in the rear. I hope they can manage to move up a few spots in the next round, they deserve it.

Funniest Moment: Karli finding what she thinks is a rock and realizing, “Is this a piece of poop, dried!”
Stupidest Moment: Marshall & Lance not even reaching the Pit Stop.
Smartest Play: The teams that chose Haul It instead of Herd It for the Detour, Colin & Christie and Brandon & Nicole.
Balls of the Week: Chip & Kim’s taxi driver on the way to the Karnac Temple, driving on the opposite side of the road to pass all of the other teams.

Teams I Hate: Kami & Karli, Brandon & Nicole
Teams I Like: Charla & Mirna, Colin & Christie
Current Pick: Colin & Christie

Who will be eliminated next!?

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  1. I have decided that Marshall and Lance needed to lose.

    Were his knees sooooooo bad because he spent too much time on them, off camera, bobb’n the knob??!!??

    In true Cartman fashion, “I hate them so much!”


    #1 by christian — August 11, 2004 @ 11:12 am

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