Linda & Karen in Last Place

This fifth leg of the race was a non-elimination leg with a twist. Linda & Karen came in last and as a penalty they had to give Phil all of their money. Additionally, they will receive absolutely no money for the next leg of the race. This means that they will have to beg and barter for taxi fare and any other ground transportation. Plane tickets of course are always free to all teams. Essentially, with this penalty it seems that the show is only prolonging the inevitable. In my opinion, a team starting last with this additional obstacle will undoubtedbly be eliminated. We’ll see.

In this fifth leg of the race, teams made their way from St. Petersburg, Russia to Cairo, Egypt. Before departing to the airport, teams had to make their way to the Hermitage museum and find a painting to obtain their next clue. Chip & Kim did this quickly and were in first place with Colin & Christie right behind them.

The turning point came when Colin & Christie decided to go to a travel agency before heading to the airport. In some countries, this is the best way to purchase tickets, and apparently in Russia this is the case. They managed to get on a flight that would land in Cairo at 2:25PM the next day instead of 3:15PM, which gave them a huge advantage.

Later in Paris, Colin & Christie would find a connecting flight that would get them to Cairo at 2:35AM instead of 2:25PM, giving them a 13-hour lead ahead of all the other teams that would land at 3:15PM! This had to be the largest lead I’ve ever seen on the race! Charla & Mirna managed to get a better connecting flight in Frankfurt and left the other teams by sneaking away as they slept to gain a 50 minute advantage on the other teams. It’s pretty obvious that Charla & Mirna have what it takes to make it to the final leg of the race.

After arriving in Cairo, Colin & Christie found that the Tower of Cairo, where they were supposed to get their next clue, was closed until 9:00AM. They slept under the stars in a park just outside the tower to wait until it opened. Still, they would maintain about a 6-hour lead on the other teams. When they got to the top of the tower and opened their clue, they found a Fast Forward and decided to use it to extend their lead even further.

The Fast Forward was a simple take an item from Point A to Point B. It was a facsimile of an Egyptian sarcophagus that needed to be taken to a museum. It took them a while to find it, and they squabbled a bit, but they finished the Fast Forward and checked into the Pit Stop at the Sphinx shortly after 11:00AM. This was four hours before most of the teams would even land!

Charla & Mirna arrived before all of the other teams and made their way to the Tower of Cairo. There they found that they needed to make their way to the Giza plateau to perform a Roadblock. One of the team members needed to make their way down a ladder into a 140-feet deep shaft to bring back a satchel to the surface where they would find their next clue. Of course Charla ended up doing the challenge because Mirna said she was claustrophobic. Whatever, Midgets rule!

All the other teams performed this task without incident except for Kimi & Karli, who couldn’t figure out how to use the map and puzzle pieces together. I am pretty convinced that these two hoes are the dumbest people on the race. If it wasn’t for Chip telling them where to go next Kimi & Karli would more than likely have finished in last place.

After figuring out the map and puzzle, teams needed to make their way to one of the pyramids on the plateau. There they would get the clue to the next Detour, “Rock & Roll” or “Hump & Ride.” In Rock & Roll, teams needed to move two blocks of rock weighing 600 pounds across the desert using ancient egyption tools. In Hump & Ride, teams needed to lead two horses and two camels across a one-mile course to get their next clue. The only caveat was that Hump & Ride was only available from 9:00AM to 5:30PM.

Charla & Mirna found their clue at 5:27PM, which gave them only three minutes to make it to the Hump & Ride challenge. They made it just in time and were the only team to choose this Detour for this leg of the race. Charla & Mirna finished in second place after a masterful leg of the race.

In the Rock & Roll challenge, all the teams struggled. Brandon & Nicole even managed to get “stuck” and asked Chip for help. Surprisingly, Chip helped Brandon with their rock sled when asked. Doesn’t this guy know that this is a fucking competition! And why help those fuckers!? Anyway, bad move on Chip’s part. This could have been a great opportunity to take advantage of his strength.

Later, Chip would also help Kami & Karli find their next clue to get to the Detour challenge. If it wasn’t for Chip, they too could have been facing elimination. Or in this case, a last place finish. It was close, but it was Linda & Karen who ended up in last place. Luckily for them it wasn’t an elimination round. Instead, they were stripped of all their money and will have to do the next leg without any money. They’re fucked!

Funniest Moment: Charla & Mirna sneaking away from the other teams while they slept.
Stupidest Moment: Tie: Chip helping Brandon pull his stones at the Detour and Kami & Karli not figuring out where to go in the Giza plateau using their map and puzzle.
Smartest Play: Colin & Christie going to a travel agency instead of straight to the airport.
Balls of the Week: Nothing really ballsy happened.

Teams I Hate: Kami & Karli, Brandon & Nicole, Marshall & Lance
Teams I Like: Charla & Mirna, Colin & Christie
Current Pick: Colin & Christie

Who will be eliminated next!?

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