California Education Secretary, Richard “Dick” Riordan, told a little girl that her name, Isis, meant “stupid, dirty girl.” The incident took place last Thursday at the Santa Barbara Central Library, where Riordan stopped in to promote a summer reading program. After reading a picture book to preschoolers and young elementary school pupils, he chatted with some of them as video cameras rolled to capture the event. According to the published reports, the exchange went something like this:

Little Girl: “Do you know my name means egyptian goddess?”
Riordan: “It means stupid, dirty girl.”
Little Girl: “It means egyptian goddess.”
Riordan: “Hey, that’s nifty.”

Yeah, that’s fucking nifty! Riordan apparently thought that the girl was asking him what her name meant and replied in (un)kind. Riordan must have come out of the library bathroom after chewing on some delicious crack! Everyone is up in arms and calling for his resignation. Because even after several big crack hits, that shit still isn’t funny.

Didn’t his handler tell him not to be an asshole before he went on the photo op!? You know, “Uh, Mr. Riordan, you really shouldn’t fuck with the kids this time, there’s cameras around.” What a dumbass!


  1. At least he didn’t pull a Dick Cheney and tell the girl to fuck herself. In that respect, Riordan did pretty well for being an absolute retard.

    #1 by Jimmy — July 9, 2004 @ 6:41 am

  2. Yeah, a politician telling another politician “go fuck yourself” is almost expected. I mean, they are politicians and are bound to piss people off. But a 6-year-old girl!? It’s not like the little girl walked up to Riordan and said, “my mommy told me you shouldn’t be in public office…”

    #2 by Nugget — July 9, 2004 @ 9:24 am

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