Lance won his 6th straight TdF. That is not a surprise.

Ricky Williams retired from the NFL and totally screwed the Miami Dolphins. Says he wants to travel and explore. Whatever. Once he runs out of cash for weed, he’ll throw those spikes back on. All I can really say is, “HA HA HA!!!” I hate the Dolphins.

The Cardinals beat the Giants adding another win to a magnificent season. If the Cards win the World Series, I’m going to cry tears of happiness.

Argentina choked and handed the Copa America championship to Brazil. Albeit, Brazil is the best soccer team on the planet, but letting them draw even in injury time then frittering away penalty kicks is a sure sign of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Shaquille O’Neal took out an ad in the LA Times giving props to all his fans on the West Side. Once again Shaq’s overwhelming charisma inundates innocent people. I still believe trading him was a mistake. Vlade != Shaq. Sorry, Fabe.

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