5 Stars

Spiderman 2 is the best super hero film of all time. I know it is hard to believe that it beats out Superman: The Movie and X-Men series, but it does. Spiderman 2 builds on everything we thought was great about the first one. The special effects are much better as are the acting performances by all involved. In short, a much better film with a great storyline.

Spiderman is much more vulnerable than other superheroes, and Tobey Maguire plays him perfectly. Also, Tobey adds just the right amount of humor to the character at key times. It would be hard to imagine another actor stepping in for Spiderman after this one.

In this film, Spiderman is stressed out at having a dual life. Pizza delivery guy, student, freelance photographer, and Spiderman. The stress of this fragmented existence is so great that his superpowers start to fade at key moments in the film. He’s unable to produce webbing, has trouble sticking to walls, and his eyesight even starts to fail him. Unable to keep up with everything, he gives up being Spiderman.

I don’t want to spoil the film for those that want to “go in fresh.” So let me say this, by the end of the film many people know of Spiderman’s secret identity. And thankfully, it is a plot ingredient that does not reset after the movie ends, setting up the anticipated next film in this series. Until then, this one does not disappoint.

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