I am in Denver through Wednesday on business. I will still be available via email and cell phone for those who need to get a hold of me.

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  1. Jeff Bzdelik is the most primary factor for the Nuggets sucess last season. To see him go damages my faith in sports administration to the point that I no longer believe in the competence of the nuggets managment! Kiki is koo-koo and he should suffer the flames of eternal defamation, not Bzdelik! I nearly tossed my fresh plate of noodles through my television because of this tragic event that will eventually cause the inevitable decay of a potential dynasty, know the potential dy-nasty will only be nasty. The Nuggets players will burn with anger and rage that has not been seen since the Visigoths crumbled the Romans!

    #1 by John Rizzle — December 28, 2004 @ 5:21 pm

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