SpaceShip One, a spacecraft built by a company called Scaled Composites, became the first private aircraft to reach sub-orbital space, 328,491 feet (approximately 100 kilometers or 62 miles,) above the surface of the Earth.

Paul Allen, Microsoft co-founder, helped create Scaled Composites with a $20 million investment in 1995 and is the sole sponsor for the SpaceShip One project. In less than ten years, the spaceship went from the drawing board to space flight using only a couple of dozen very dedicated employees. It is an amazing achievement that will undoubtedbly equate to SpaceShip One collecting the coveted X Prize in the near future.

The X Prize, a $10 million prize, will go to the first privately funded group to send three people on a suborbital flight 62.5 miles (100.6 kilometers) high and repeat the feat within two weeks using the same vehicle. Stay tuned.

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