I just went on the Amazing Race 5 site to check out the teams for the upcoming race which starts on July 6th. First off, no strange professions, like air traffic controllers, and no gay couple this time around. But there’s an Amazing Race first on this one–a dwarf.

What’s reality television’s fascination with dwarves? Wasn’t the Littlest Groom enough!? One of the teams for this race, Charla & Mirna, has a fucking dwarf in it! The online promo clip shows the dwarf, Charla, picking up the full-size cousin, Mirna, on her shoulders and carrying her around. An amazing feat of strength for sure, but also funny as hell to watch. I guess dwarves do make for compelling television, whatever. They just better hope they don’t wind up in a sprint to the finish line or it’ll be Phil saying, “Charla & Mirna, you are the last team to arrive.” Short legs don’t win sprints!

And what’s a race without a couple of obnoxious Jesus freaks? Brandon & Nicole‘s interview starts off with the Brandon saying, “First, they are going to know we are Christian.” Okay, and this is relevant when you are trying to catch a fucking plane with four minutes to spare? There’s nothing like wearing your religion on your sleeve to try and annoy the other teams into quitting, nice tactic. They better hope for a miracle, because last I checked, God doesn’t help people carry luggage.

On sight, there are two teams that appear to be agile and manipulative enough to win. They are Alison & Donny and Kami & Karli respectively. Alison & Donny are dating and Alison’s claim to fame is that she appeared on the Big Brother reality TV show. I don’t watch Big Brother, so I don’t give a shit. Kami & Karli are a pair of twins that may have an advantage if they don’t kill each other first. That unspoken communication thing twins have may actually work to their advantage.

As of right now, those two teams are my picks to win. Granted, I don’t know how obnoxious they are, but they are my picks for now. I reserve the right to revise my picks after the first episode airs. As always, I can’t wait for the race to start!

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  1. I think that it is hard to tell as this is only the first leg of out the 13 legs. However for the moment i morally support chip & Kim.

    #1 by Janet louis — July 12, 2004 @ 3:56 am

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