As reported on 60 Minutes this weekend, $700 million that was supposed to go to Afghanistan was diverted to Iraq by Bush. The spokesman for President Bush, Scott McClellan, said “Iraq is part of the war on terrorism.” What? Was the money spent as it was appropiated? No.

House Appropriations Chairman Bill Young, R-Fla., said,”Because of the lack of specificity in the Woodward account, it is impossible to determine what specific funds he is alleging were spent without Congress’ knowledge,” Young said. WHAT? Did congress know or not?

Bush tells Rumsfeld to get going on planning an attack on Iraq, he tells Tommy Franks to get to it… Franks starts building runways & pipelines in Kuwait- for the simple reason of preparing for war against Iraq. And HEY! They need money, Bush is notified, and they divert money to that.

That’s illegal. I even heard the word “impeachment” on NPR. Hows about that? OH! And for more info on WHY Dumbshit should be impeached, check out the website (the official Impeachment site is a bit dry).

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