*World Exclusive**
**Must Credit the Doghouse** (what the hell, it’s good enough for Matt.).

A documentary is in pre-production stages exposing the Republican ties to Election Systems & Software and more importantly Diebold , the 2 main suppliers of voting equipment in this country.

Of course, on the face of it, this is kind of like having a newsflash break in to report that Dubya wears tidy-widys.. “NO SHIT!” However, this documentary will include a Diebold employee (I’m assuming an ex-employee..) claim on camera that his job was to test the voting equipment- in this case computers sold to OHIO (on which Wally O’Dell, Diebold CEO, vowed would be won by Dubya). Upon completion of the tests, it was found that the failure rate was above the acceptable 3%…. slightly. Try 30%! When he reported his findings, he was told to not tell anyone and that he’d regret it if ever did tell anyone.

If you want to learn more about the issue of ballot box shenanigans, THEE site to check out is blackboxvoting.com

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