Anyone interested in a wedding dress or just some good readin’? If you’re interested, you can contact the seller or wait for it to get relisted. The high bidder is claiming a co-worker placed the bid. In case the counter isn’t showing the number of hits, the reading Friday night was over 1.4 million, the highest I’ve ever seen on Ebay. Hmmm, I wonder how they found out his password to log onto Ebay. Someone should do a study on what it takes to get someone’s password. I’d be very interested to know if any research on this has been done.

A survey in Britain, showed that 7 out of 10 people would reveal their computer password for a bar of chocolate. Additionally, 1 in 3 revealed their password without even as much as a bribe. In a second survey, 4 in 5 gave away information that could be used to steal their identity.

Damn, as a security professional I knew the numbers were high, but these numbers are staggering. I would assume that those that gave their passwords did so for their workstations at work, and not their personal banking or borkerage accounts. Or at least I hope that was the case. People are pretty dumb, and thieves, and politicians (yeah, I know the two terms are almost interchangeable), will always capitalize on that.

I say that we embark on a nationwide marketing campaign to teach people about the danger of password sharing and the pain of identity theft. People need to be educated, and it should start from a very early age. Just teach your kids the following: if a stranger asks for your password, kick ’em in the nuts and run!

As reported on 60 Minutes this weekend, $700 million that was supposed to go to Afghanistan was diverted to Iraq by Bush. The spokesman for President Bush, Scott McClellan, said “Iraq is part of the war on terrorism.” What? Was the money spent as it was appropiated? No.

House Appropriations Chairman Bill Young, R-Fla., said,”Because of the lack of specificity in the Woodward account, it is impossible to determine what specific funds he is alleging were spent without Congress’ knowledge,” Young said. WHAT? Did congress know or not?

Bush tells Rumsfeld to get going on planning an attack on Iraq, he tells Tommy Franks to get to it… Franks starts building runways & pipelines in Kuwait- for the simple reason of preparing for war against Iraq. And HEY! They need money, Bush is notified, and they divert money to that.

That’s illegal. I even heard the word “impeachment” on NPR. Hows about that? OH! And for more info on WHY Dumbshit should be impeached, check out the website (the official Impeachment site is a bit dry).

Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth, the manipulative hateful bitch whose lying and incompetence cost Kwame Jackson the job on the TV show The Apprentice, has signed a contract with Clairol to promote their hair care products. However, many reality TV fans have flooded the company with calls, emails and are even organizing a boycott of Clairol products for hiring her. This is proof positive that all publicity is NOT good publicity. The moral of the story: don’t be a lying incompetent bitch during a job interview that is broadcast on national television.

AirAmericaRadio is the home of Al Franken’s “O’Franken Factor”- a daily 3 hour radio show on left side of your dial, and other radio shows. So far, they’re on 11 stations, and more coming soon- include 2 in S.F., and Dish Network. It IS possible to listen to ’em on internet, but, alas, it’s only thru Real Networks (NO LINKS TO RN!), so, I for one, will have to wait for the Dish Network connection. So check it out! Support good radio!

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**Must Credit the Doghouse** (what the hell, it’s good enough for Matt.).

A documentary is in pre-production stages exposing the Republican ties to Election Systems & Software and more importantly Diebold , the 2 main suppliers of voting equipment in this country.

Of course, on the face of it, this is kind of like having a newsflash break in to report that Dubya wears tidy-widys.. “NO SHIT!” However, this documentary will include a Diebold employee (I’m assuming an ex-employee..) claim on camera that his job was to test the voting equipment- in this case computers sold to OHIO (on which Wally O’Dell, Diebold CEO, vowed would be won by Dubya). Upon completion of the tests, it was found that the failure rate was above the acceptable 3%…. slightly. Try 30%! When he reported his findings, he was told to not tell anyone and that he’d regret it if ever did tell anyone.

If you want to learn more about the issue of ballot box shenanigans, THEE site to check out is

Welcome to the Doghouse. Here you’ll mainly find rants, raves and freakouts regarding politics…. and I’ll sprinkle in a lil’ bit of heavy metal and occassionally wash it down with a tidbit of beer. And so there’s no mistake, the politics aint RIGHT, the metal aint NU and the beer aint MACRO… I’m a cat loving, left leaning, headbanging coaster whore beer snob ACLU cardcarrying member (well actually the card is on the fridge)- and damn proud of all of it!

I’m hoping my one nugget for today hasn’t been used yet. It’s for It might seem OTT, but after I read the Articles of Impeachment, the provisions for impeachment and the other stuff on the site, I just thought “geez, why isn’t this talked about more often?” Plus they have a cool automated setup where you can send letters to newspapers, magazines, radio stations and TV stations in your area…. of course in a few years, that’ll be easy… you’ll just send 1 letter to Clear Channel or Fox…. depending on which media fiefdom you reside in.

Low carb meals are all the rage nowdays. With the increase in beef demand, it seems that cows are winding up missing all over California. Mofos are rolling up and kidnapping cows. I hope they are at least using trucks, because can you imagine trying to get a cow into the back of a Volkswagen Jetta?

A British man sold all of his earthly possessions and took the money to Las Vegas to bet on a roulette wheel. Earlier today at the Plaza Casino he placed all of his money, $135,300, on red and won big, when after a couple of bounces the ball landed on 7-red. The entire event was captured on film as part of a documentary about his crazy stunt. He had sold all of his clothes and was even wearing a rented tuxedo during his spin at the wheel. That’s a hell of a way to double up. Big ups.

“It is pretty shocking that governmental interference into our rights and free speech takes place in the U.S. It’s hard to reconcile this with the ‘land of the free’ and the ‘home of the brave.'”
–Howard Stern

Howard Stern was yanked from six Clear Channel stations earlier today. The conglomerate cited $495,000 in fines for 18 instances of fart sounds, which are in violation of federal decency rules, as their decision to drop Stern.

What the fuck? Howard Stern’s show hasn’t really changed much in the last ten years and now they want to take him off the air for “a little farting.” I am the first to admit that I do NOT always agree with Howard Stern. Hell, I don’t even like him all that much, but freedom of speech is what we have in common.

Throughout this ordeal, Stern has maintained that the Bush Administration is targetting him directly for his criticism of President Bush. The Administration is using Clear Channel to do its bidding. Clear Channel’s political action committee and its employees have given $265,800 to Republicans for the 2004 election, more than any other broadcaster, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, a nonpartisan research group.

Stern will still be aired in dozens of stations across the country, but this is just another example of public dissent and freedom of speech being stifled in our country by those in the highest bastions of power (also, see the CNN story).

Eyeball PiercingIt seems as though you can get your eyeballs pierced in Amsterdam. I can’t imagine having a piece of metal in my eye. I have enough trouble with an eyelash. What about people with contacts?? Crazy.

The Amazing Race 5 will begin on July 6th. It will be a 90-minute episode following the premier of Big Brother 5 and will feature a contestant that appeared in Big Brother 4. I can’t wait for the race to begin!

I’ve been trying to curb my usage of expletives but shit likes this makes me regress…

Some motherfucker in Nashville killed a little dog by place-kicking it like a football. What the fuck is wrong with this asshole? Was he not loved as a child? I hope he has an IQ of 10 and doesn’t know any better because that’s the only way this can be rationalized.

This sick-ass motherfucker needs to be locked away for life!

Function: adjective
Etymology: Misspelling of ‘humongous’ found in Big 4 email communications.
Date: 2004
Definition: humongous; huge; enormous; extremely large; “testing of in-scope applications and their interfaces would be humnagas task” –Big 4 Manager

J. Lo’s mom hit a $2.4 million jackpot playing the slots in Atlantic City. Yes, people! Real life is so interesting that I don’t have to make shit up!

Nugget gets two guest bloggers, but nobody posts a word over the weekend! I have a good excuse. I was helping my girlfriend move into a new townhome. I spent the weekend painting, lifting, and drinking lots of fluids. There was a piano involved. Legs sore. I think Fabe would agree that moving sucks mucho.

El Edwards, the guy who does the “you’ve got mail!” voice for AOL is pimping his voice out to anyone who wants their own version of “you’ve got mail!” You can pay him 10 bucks and he will record “You’ve got mail, Nugget!” He can also record something else. Nifty!

I am up at 12:30AM. I finally found a nugget to share. I just finished watching a documentary on KQED (our local PBS station) called “The New Americans.” The documentary follows the lives of a few new immigrants trying to make it in the US. I highly recommend this documentary for those of you with no clue about immigrants and what they have to go through to make a new life in a new country. It’s also a great way for immigrants who have been here for a long time to remember our struggles and hardships so we can appreciate what we have now. (Unfortunately, around here it seems as though you have to get your VCR or Tivo to record it for you – the next time it’s on KQED is at 4AM on April 1st. )

I first came to the US when I was 6. My dad was a grad student at the University of Pennsylvania. My mom found work at a Dunkin’ Donuts. I went into first grade with no knowledge of the English alphabet. Big Bird, Bert, Ernie, Cookie Monster and others on Sesame Street were my English teachers.

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