This was the topic of discussion during lunch time at work today. Sparked by the fact that I shared a cupcake with a co-worker. She took a bite, I took a bite, and then she finished it off. We have a culture of sharing any and all dessert foods at my work so we didn’t find it unusual.

That led to another co-worker claiming that it was gross and obscene and that she wouldn’t do that. She then proceeded to tell us that she would not share a toothbrush with her fiancee, soon to be husband, because it was gross. We attempted to explain that she shares, or will share, many more boldily fluids than saliva, but she wouldn’t hear it.

This lead to a discussion of what was appropriate, or not with your mate. Farting of course became the primary topic along with going to the bathroom in front of your mate. Those in relationships for more than 2-3 years found nothing wrong with going to the bathroom (#1) or farting. Others were a little skeptical. One thing is certain though, dropping boys at the pool (#2) is never acceptable in front of anyone, unless there’s a fire, maybe.

For reference, here is a very informational page that includes facts on farts. Also, here’s are the results of a fart survey taken by over 17,500 participants, enjoy.

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