The Bay Area has been hit by a huge storm. The rain started at around 1:00AM last night and hasn’t really stopped even though it varies in intensity from time to time. The bottom line, lots of rain and wind to contend with. There is a “high likelihood” that trees will knock out power lines which adds to the fun substantially. Everyone knows that bad weather in San Francisco means really bad weather in Marin County. I hope that Larry and Tina, which live right next to a creek in Fairfax, are okay.

As for us, the parking garage in our building was partially flooded. Water pressure in street drainage pipes was so high that the garage drain starting spewing out tons of water. I saw a news report on television in which water pressure was so intense that it sent a couple of manhole covers flying through the air. That’s pretty amazing when you consider that a manhole cover that is 38″ in diameter and 2″ thick weighs about 360 pounds!

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