An American Airlines pilot on a flight from Los Angeles to New York told passengers on Friday, “If you are a Christian, raise your hand. If you are not, you’re crazy.” He then urged the “crazy” non-Christians to discuss the faith with Christians. Passengers were shocked and nobody raised their hands.

Instead, people immediately reached for their cell phones and in-flight phones to call relatives just in case they didn’t make it home! Fuck, like the flight from Los Angeles to New York isn’t long enough, you have to worry that some Jesus-freak pilot is going to blow a gasket and crash the plane if everyone doesn’t convert to Christianity, pronto!

The pilot also told passengers he would be available for discussion at the end of the flight. Well, I can tell you right now that there were no Puerto Ricans on that flight, because the headline would have read a little differently. I am stunned that after the stress of that flight nobody decided just beat his ass when the plane landed. The flight was heading to New York after all, and after the events of 9/11, I doubt New Yorkers have any tolerance for bullshit on an airplane.

I’ll just stick to United Airlines, the service may suck at times but at least they don’t try and convert my ass in mid-flight! Big ups to my Jewish homie, Masher.

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