Casey Neistat had an iPod that refused to recharge after 18 months due to a failed battery. After calling Apple, he was told that the replacement cost of the battery was $255 and he should just buy a new $300 iPod instead. Apple thinks the iPod is a $300-$500 disposable device! WTF!?

Instead of bowing to the pressure of purchasing a new iPod, Casey and his brother made a movie called iPod’s Dirty Secret to protest the fact that the “iPod’s unreplaceable battery lasts only about 18 months.” The movie chronicles their attempt to stencil every iPod print poster ad in New York with those words.

In response to their film, even if Apple won’t admit it, Apple has created a $105.95 mail-in battery replacement program and a $59 extended warranty for the iPod. Kick ass! This is a great story–big ups to the Neistat Brothers.

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  1. yo, u the Neistat bro’s are so daring that this sht was fucking hilarious..i wanna get an wat do you think should i get it… isit worth it .. let me know?…lol.

    #1 by luke villon — December 13, 2004 @ 2:01 pm

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