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Farscape, the award-winning science fiction series which was cancelled last year (its final show aired in March), will return to the SciFi Channel as a four hour mini-series according to the folks at Save Farscape.

Sources report that filming is scheduled to begin in December and that the series is expected to air sometime next year. Through sheer determination, lots of letter, strength of spirit, and ideals of community and family, the fans of Farscape have created something fabulous and achieved something that should have been impossible–bringing a show back from the dead. I am certainly proud to be a Farscape fan and to have supported Save Farscape’s efforts over the last year. Big ups to Farscape fans everywhere.

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  1. farscape is the shiz nit, even spealberg and lucas couldnt top this,

    #1 by michael — March 22, 2004 @ 3:44 am

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