In today’s preliminary hearing, a detective recounted the details of the case as described by the accuser. The details according to the story are as follows:

The Los Angeles Lakers star was joined by the 19-year-old woman on a tour of a resort where she worked, and the two ended up in his hotel suite, the detective said. After some consensual kissing, Bryant asked the woman to show him a tattoo on her back.

When she turned around, Bryant grabbed her by the neck, controlling her movements and preventing her from leaving, pulled up her skirt and raped her against a chair. She told investigators she told Bryant “no” at least twice, before bursting into tears as the five-minute attack went on.

During and after the attack Bryant kept asking, “You are not going to tell anyone, right?” She said she agreed at one point. “She said the reason she told him ‘no’ was for fear of…she didn’t want him to commit more physical harm to her.”

The accuser told the detective that she tried to pry Bryant’s fingers away, and he stopped. Bryant then told her to clean up and leave, and asked her not to tell anyone, the detective said in his testimony.

Before she left his room, Bryant told her that she needed to kneel down and kiss his penis, the accuser said, according to the detective. She did that because she was scared of Bryant, and he warned her several times not to tell anyone, the detective said, according to her. The accuser said she then went down and told the bellman her story.

It’s amazing that Kobe Bryant’s attorneys agreed to the preliminary hearing knowing that the details of the case would become public. Legal experts speculate that the legal team wants to cross-examine the witnesses. I just wonder when we’ll hear Kobe’s side of the story.

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  1. kobe is innocent

    #1 by adrian — February 14, 2005 @ 10:50 pm

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