Well, it seems that Star Trek: Enterprise producers listened to the fans and decided to make an amazing season opener to try and quell the detractors of the show. I can say that tonight’s episode is a step in the right direction.

Right off the bat, there are a bunch of new aliens introduced as part of a strange Xindi War Council. There’s a cockroach looking guy, a bunch of strange humanoids, and even an aquatic species that look like eels. We later find out that the Xindi consist of five different species. It looks like the Delphic Expanse is going to prove to be a pretty interesting place indeed.

Trip is trippin’ because of the death of his sister and having nightmares, so the doctor and T’pol conspire to give him what appears to be a Vulcan sensual massage. In the process, T’Pol and Trip take their tops off and T’pol even shows the side of her boob. T’Pol claimed it wasn’t sexual, but damn! Look for a relationship to start between these two sometime soon–you heard it here first.

The story included a Star Wars-like plot element and the threat of a weapon capable of destroying an entire planet, uh, can we say Death Star. The new tensions and plot elements have the makings of a very promising season. Looks like the producers have managed to convince me to tune in next week!

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  1. someone post a pic of that scene lol

    #1 by lol — June 2, 2004 @ 8:23 am

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