The largest blackout in U.S. history happened yesterday afternoon shortly after 4:00PM Eastern. The blackout affected most of the Northeastern U.S. and parts of Canada covering 9300 square miles–50 million were left without power. New York was the state that was hardest hit. Many people were effectively stranded in Manhattan and slept on the streets due to lack of working subway trains in New York City. The exact cause of the blackout is still unknown, but lights are coming back on this morning.

The outage caused huge transportation probems everywhere and people are still stranded at airports nationwide. Surprisingly, the outage did not cause an increase in crime and looting was not reported in New York City. New Yorkers showed a lot of poise during this crisis. I guess after the attacks of 9/11, everything else pales in comparison. Not suprisingly, the U.S. and Canada are both blaming each other for the failure.

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  1. Looking at the impact this is having on peple, it’s enough to make me think about buying a generator and having it wired to my house. I can’t imagine 100 degree temperature and no electricity.

    #1 by dradmin — August 15, 2003 @ 5:03 am

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