In the finale of the Amazing Race 4, the remaining teams started in a dead heat in Australia on their way to the Phoenix, Arizona finish line. However after 4 continents, 24 cities, and 44,000 miles, married couple Reichen & Chip won the race.

After starting the leg in second place, the pair took the lead heading into Hawaii when engaged couple Kelly & Jon missed their connecting flight in Tokyo and best friends David & Jeff became stranded in Sydney. Kelly & Jon almost caught up to Reichen & Chip when they were on the same flight to Phoenix, Arizona, but Reichen and Chip secured the seats in the front of the airplane to gain an advantage coming out of the airport–Reichen and Chip won!

It sucks that the clowns were eliminated before the final three, the ratings would have been higher since they were the crowd favorite. The last episode was plenty exciting without them though. I am also glad with the outcome, Reichen & Chip deserved it after that stellar final leg. I certainly hope that this season’s ratings were good enough to warrant the production of Amazing Race 5, because I’m already looking forward to the next race.

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  1. it’s just a nice thing to see reichen and chip in a reality tv show. showing their love even they are odd. hehehehe. many willm react positively: open minded peolpe and negativily: people who still posseses good values.
    personality, im developing a good inspiration just seeing and knowing them that they love each other…. there just like saying to me to move on even knowing that i can or cant have the same thing in the future.. bdw, i think im like reichen and chip…:gay…..

    #1 by real ceal — August 29, 2003 @ 5:56 am

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