I watched the show on Thursday night, but forgot to write the review. Better late than never I guess. Okay here it goes. In this tenth leg of the race, Kelly and Jon battled back from last place to finish first as teams traveled from Malaysia to Seoul, South Korea.

Once teams landed in South Korea, they had to go to a frozen river only a few miles from the North Korean border to perform a Roadblock. It was the craziest Roadblock I’ve ever seen! One team member had to strip down and swim in freezing river water, while fighting the river current, between two holes carved in the frozen ice. It was only a distance of about 25 feet, but in water that was maybe 36 degrees that is a really long way. Once team members got out of the water, they were warmed in heaters and not allowed to leave the area until their core body temperature reached normal levels. You have to give it up to the Bruckheimer production staff–that was some crazy shit!

After the Roadblock, teams made their way back to Seoul to find a Detour in a subway station in the center of the city. The Detour was “Strong Hands” or “Strong Stomach.” In Strong Hands, teams had to find a martial arts studio and break three sets of three wooden planks each using techniques taught there. In Strong Stomach, teams had to make their way to a local restaurant to eat a local delicacy.

Now, let me tell you, I pride myself at being able to eat anything, but I doubt I could have eaten a live baby octopus. Team members had to eat two of them each to get the next clue for the Pit Stop! There was footage of locals eating them whole, but the octopi were chopped for the teams. Reichen and Chip completed this agonizing task and moved on. David and Jeff got there and opted to go to the other challenge instead–smart move if they weren’t in last place.

Kelly did surprisingly well breaking the wooden planks at the martial arts place. I thought that she would break down and fold, but she did just fine. They did so well that they finished first, followed by Reichen and Chip, Jon and Al, and David and Jeff pulling up the rear.

But, alas, this was not an elimination round and David and Jeff live to fight another day. Everyone is anticipating Kelly and Jon to go, but those bitches have staying power. We’ll see what happens next week.

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