I recently changed my hosting provider from OLM to Jumpline. One of the things that I totally got used to with OLM was SquirrelMail webmail, arguably the best webmail application on the face of the planet.

Unfortunately, one of the requirements for SquirrelMail is the IMAP protocol, and Jumpline does not provide IMAP access to their mail servers. They support POP3 protocol mail access only.

I had to quickly regroup and search for the next best webmail application. It had to be compatible with my Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) system and not have an IMAP requirement. I tried almost all of them: Neomail, Popper, NuralStorm, Instant Web Mail, and IlohaMail.

I finally settled on Open WebMail for use with my domains. Based on Neomail, Open WebMail has been improved substantially in the last two years by an International group of programmers into a very solid application. It isn’t Squirrelmail, but if you are without IMAP it’s the next best thing.

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