For those that don’t know, I am in Vegas until Tuesday for a work-related training session. I arrived at the airport at 1:00PM and it was 114 degrees–let me spell it out, one hundred and fourteen!!! Who the hell can stand this heat? Some of my co-workers actually went out to play a round of golf in this weather. Insane! Can you say extra crispy!? I thought I saw a falling star, but it was a bird that had burst into flames! Jeez!

So, I walked outside and jumped into a sedan to the Aladdin. Ah, air conditioning, it’s wonderful. In the desert it isn’t just “air conditioning,” it’s “life support.” The ride was excellent. I got to the hotel and had to wait in a long ass line–at least fifty mofos deep. That wasn’t good, but it’s Sunday and the person in line told me that it is like that everywhere. Well, okay. Checked into the room, changed into shorts and hit the craps tables with Benson Tran.

Let me make a long story short: Benson and I are up, way up. We have turned $40 into at least $120 about three times now. We gambled all day, ate twice, bought countless drinks, even watched a show at the hotel and I am still over $100 up. He’s probably up more than I am, since he started doubling his bets up.

The whole time, even as I showed him how to play craps for the first time, we played “the dark side”–the don’t pass line. The moral of the story, as Emperor Palpatine would put it, never underestimate the power of the dark side. I am going to sleep now with a smile on my face :)

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