Finally, in this leg of the race, Millie and Chuck cracked under pressure and were eliminated from the race. They appeared to be tired from lack of sleep. Not because they were having sex (they are virgins supposedly), but probably because they were up all night arguing with each other. This team was doomed from the start in my opinion–they lacked chemistry, and now they are done.

Kelly and Jon got really lucky in this leg. First, they started in last place, next they couldn’t find a route marker, and then they went for the fast forward only to find out that Reichen and Chip (who finished first) had gotten there first. Kelly and Jon should have lost, but Millie and Chuck’s inability to read a fucking map was their undoing. Kelly and Jon caught up to them at the Roadblock and beat them to the finish line.

Kelly and Jon will be the next to go, since they are the last co-ed team and it seems that the Detour challenges are getting more and more physical. Now there are only four teams left and we are officially in the home stretch of the race. Can’t wait for next week!

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