In this episode, teams made an extra effort to get to know each other at the pit stop and announced their relationships to the rest of the teams. Reichen and Chip “came out” to the group and Millie and Chuck announced that had been dating 12 years and were still virgins. It was funny as hell, you could tell that Chuck was not happy about the no sex deal as Kelly and Jon announced they were engaged, having sex, and made fun of the virgins’ situation.

The teams left the pit stop and made their way from India to Malaysia. Reichen and Chip chose to try and beat the teams to Malaysia by going to a travel agent in the town of Madras–an hour away by car. Ultimately, it didn’t matter since they met up with Millie and Chuck in Kuala Lampur.

Once they landed in Kota Kinabalu, the teams made their way to the local cultural village and found a clue for their next Detour. In this Detour, teams decided to either pull up a heavy lobster trap, which required a lot of strength, or catch 15 fish in a net, which required a great deal of skill.

The virgins opted for the lobsters, but the boat driver drove them to the fish. I think they were lucky, since the lobsters would have been too heavy for them to pull up. While there, they had all kinds of difficulties with the fish. The fish kept jumping out of their basket and eventually Millie fell in the water with the basket of fish–it was funny as hell.

After the Detour, there was a Roadblock in which teams had to shoot at targets with traditional Malaysian weapons: a bow and arrow, a blowpipe, and a spear. Although Reichen and Chip finished first, they did not read the clue properly and instead of running down the beach they cut inland and were passed by Jon and Al for the first place finish–that cost them a vacation in Mexico.

Kelly and Jon finished this leg in last place, but thankfully for them it was not an elimination leg and they are still in it. However, I think that teams know they are weak now that they are in last place. Also, being in last place will raise their stress level and they may implode.

I am looking forward to next week, since the rumors say that two teams will opt to go for the Fast Forward at the same time–that should be interesting. The only team that has used a Fast Forward to this point are Millie and Chuck so they won’t be going for it. I think the team that doesn’t get the Fast Forward next week will be the team eliminated. I predict that it is Kelly and Jon.

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