Teams experienced serious culture shock on this leg of the race traveling from Amsterdam, Holland to Mumbai, India. In Mumbai, the conditions of the streets and the rampant poverty brought some of the team members to tears.

The going got really tough on this leg of the race, and as expected, Monica and Sheree were eliminated. Because, when the going gets tough, the rich stop tryin’. Untimately, third world conditions were too much to handle for The Supremes.

The funniest scenes of the race came as teams tried to get on the grossly overcrowded trains of Mumbai. The amount of people was crazy! All of the women were totally manhandled in the sea of humanity, except for Millie–must be the big-ass mole on her face. And Chuck almost didn’t make it on the train after Millie was already inside. Man, what a lamer!

The race is coming to the wire. Reichen and Chip are going strong, as are David and Jeff. Tian and Jaree seem to have put aside their differences and are again working as a team. The crowd favorites, clowns Jon and Al, are dangerously close to elimination in last place. And the NFL wives are finally gone. I now predict that the next team to fold are the virgins, Millie and Chuck. Stay tuned.

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