My co-workers, Sonal Sinha and Dan Miller, and I decided to eat off-site today and not eat inside the Yahoo cafeteria again. Instead, we headed into Sunnyvale and ate at P.F. Chang’s followed by a visit to Cold Stone Creamery.

Let me just say that I had never been to a Cold Stone before and I was truly amazed. The quality of the ice cream was outstanding, which made the ice cream incredibly creamy in texture. If I had the ice cream by itself it would have been great, but there was more, much more.

Cold Stone allows patrons to order ice cream and add a number of “mix-in” ingredients. These ingredients and the ice cream of your choice are then violently mixed together using paddles on top of a cold stone, hence the name. The available ingredients include brand name candies, fresh fruits, nuts, brownies, sponge cake, Graham cracker pie crust, Oreos, peanut butter, chocolate, caramel, fudge, honey, and almost anything else you could think of putting into ice cream.

I ordered a Cold Stone Creation called “Our Strawberry Blonde,” which was made out of strawberry ice cream, Graham cracker pie crust, fresh strawberries, caramel, topped with fresh whipped cream. I almost passed out when I took my first bite–it was awsome!

Everyone that knows me knows that I am an In-n-Out evangelist, but now it looks like there’s something else to tell the whole world about. If you haven’t been to a Cold Stone Creamery, make the trip, it’s worth it.

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  1. I agree, not only does Cold Stone have the best ice creams, but it also has a selection of fat free and low fat flavors that are the very best that I have had EVER!! Girls- Cold Stone may be your next best friend :-)

    #1 by Sonal Sinha — June 23, 2003 @ 5:10 am

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