Well, it was bound to happen, and it finally did on this leg of the race. The Air Traffic Controllers, Steve and Dave, also known as the Big Fat Guys or BFGs, were finally eliminated. They were just too fat, too slow, and too fucked up (Dave hurt his knee on the first leg of the race) to compete with the faster and younger teams.

The teams headed to Amsterdam on this leg of the race and the coolest part of the whole thing was seeing teams wade through a huge pile of cow shit as part of a Detour–truly disgusting. Amazingly, Monica and Sheree, the NFL wives (and they won’t let us forget it), decided to do the cow shit challenge as well. Throughout the whole thing I was waiting for them to say something like, “As wives of professional athletes, we never have to wade through our own cow shit, someone always does that for us!”

Tian and Jaree had a serious team breakdown and it looked like they would come to blows a few times. They barely made it to the Pit Stop before Steve and Dave, who were finally eliminated. They better get their shit together if they expect to make it out of last place. For sheer entertainment value, they are the team to watch going into next week.

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