This weeks episode was filled with a lot of drama. Steve and Josh started in first place and immediately made a common mistake, taking the train instead of a taxi to “save money.” Acting like a miser in the Amazing Race will only serve to get you eliminated, and that’s exactly what happened on this leg of the race.

This leg of the race was very long, and entailed the teams going to Paris, doing an amazing Roadblock in Le Mans, driving across france for over ten hours, rapelling down a cliff, and then finally driving to the Pit Stop. The Roadblock entailed the teams changing the tires of a Le Mans racecar and then driving a few laps with a professional driver. I was so jealous watching these people do this, it was a once in a lifetime event.

Following the Roadblock, the teams had to drive more than ten hours to Marseilles. Once there, several teams lined up in front of a gate at a port to sleep in their cars and wait for morning. In the morning, Tian and Jaree, who had slept in a hotel, drove up to the front and parked directly in front of the gate. Tempers flared, yelling ensued, threats were made, it was an interesting look at human nature. However, once the gate opened, Tian and Jaree allowed the other teams to pass ahead of them. Tian and Jaree would go on to get the Fast Forward and finish this leg in first place.

The next part of the leg required teams to drive to a site where they would choose to rapel or hike down the side of a cliff. It was there that Reichen and Chip decided to park in an unmarked parking lot (no Amazing Race flags anywhere) and hike the trail for nearly two miles looking for the Detour challenge. Idiots! Have they ever watched the show? The flag always clearly marks the spot! After this, they almost deserve to lose for their lameness. They made it this week, but they need redemption, maybe they’ll find it next week. Oh, by the way, all teams chose to rapel.

Alas, the NFL Wives, Monica and Sheree, are still alive and doing surprisingly well, as are the Air Traffic Controllers, Steve and Dave. It’s only a matter of time for the “big fat guys” though. They are in last place and have survived only through the utter stupidity of other teams.

It’s shaping up to be a good race filled with a healthy dose of conflict and drama. I am still rooting for the clowns, Jon and Al, and for David and Jeff, two friends from Southern California that aren’t taking any shit from Reichen and Chip. I can’t wait to see what happens next week, as the preview showed the teams diving into a heaping pile of cow shit. Stay tuned.

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