Well, the team that was in the worst physical shape, Debra and Steve, was eliminated in the first leg of the Amazing Race 4 last night. The race took the teams from Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles to Milan, Italy. From there, they travelled to the Italian Alps and did a grueling Detour in snowy peaks at Cinque Torri.

Debra and Steve trailed the beginning and never recovered. They got lost in traffic in Los Angeles as they traveled from Dodger Stadium to LAX. They got on the last plane to Italy with a bunch of other teams and the other more athletic teams eventually overpowered them at the Detour in the Italian Alps.

Steve and Dave, the air traffic controllers, almost didn’t finish this leg either. Dave spraigned his knee during the Detour as they were hiking down the hill in the thick snow. There were a few tense moments as they considered calling the search and rescue team to get them down the mountain. They persevered, but they were noticably shaken by the event.

Monica and Sheree, the NFL wives, used a Fast Forward even though they were on the second bus and didn’t need to use it to finish. Even with the Fast Forward, they came in fourth. I just don’t think they have the hunger to win the race. In the back of their minds they know they are already millionaires, so the thought of winning a million between the two of them isn’t as enticing as it is for the other teams. They don’t want to break their nails and it shows.

David and Jeff proved they couldn’t follow directions at the Detour and went in the wrong direction. This forced them to hike the entire length of the Detour on foot, they finished tenth. They’ve already proven to be dumber than the other teams, but they are not out yet.

The rest of the teams performed as expected. I predict the next teams to go down are Steve and Dave, they are not in good enough shape to finish, and Monica and Sheree, they just aren’t hungry enough. David and Jeff are on the bubble unless they smarten up and pay attention. Good start to the race–we’ll see what happens next.

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  1. I’m pulling for the clowns!

    #1 by Nicole — June 4, 2003 @ 9:37 am

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