We’ve finally purchased tickets for the movies that we will watch during the 46th Annual San Francisco Film Festival. We will be watching a record of 14 films this year, up from 9 last year. This is a lot of films to watch in a two-week period, but somebody’s got to do it. Anyway, here’s our list of films (in chronological order):

Angela (Italy, 2002)
So Close (Hong Kong, 2002)
Cabin Fever (USA, 2002)
All Hell Let Loose (Sweden, 2002)
Last Scene (Japan/South Korea, 2003)
Nada + (Cuba/Spain/France/Italy, 2001)
Nothing to Lose (Hong Kong/Thailand/Singapore, 2002)
Double Vision (Taiwan, 2002)
Piedras (Spain, 2002)
The Eye (Hong Kong/Thailand/UK, 2002)
The Sea Watches (Japan, 2002)
We Are The Music (Cuba, 1964)
Respiro (Italy/France, 2002)
Comandante (USA/Spain, 2003)

It is only fitting that Comandante be the last movie on our list, like icing on the cake. Comandante is Oliver Stone’s intimate portrait about Fidel Castro. Stone shot over thirty hours of documentary footage over three days and condensed it down to 90 amazing minutes. I can’t wait–this should be very interesting.

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