Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. Actually, I’ve just been extremely busy with work and school and haven’t had a chance to post an entry (i.e. I haven’t even had time to squeeze out a nugget this week).

Anyway, Mama and I spent this weekend in Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma as guests of Jon Sloan, one of San Francisco’s biggest real estate magnates. The O’Donnells are old friends of Jon and his ex-wife Pam. I know Jon because he has joined Owen and I on a couple of bike rides around the city.

His house is amazing, it is nestled on a hill overlooking the valley on twenty acres of land and is equipped with every amenity anyone could want. This of course includes three bedrooms, four bathrooms, three fireplaces, a big screen TV with satellite, two dens, a huge kitchen and dining room, an office with an adjacent loft, swimming pool, basketball court, a three-car garage, and of course, an eight-acre vineyard. It is the kind of place where our apartment, sadly, could fit in the living room alone.

Rear of Jon’s Sonoma Estate

View of Dry Creek Valley from The Pool

Mama had spraigned her ankle on Friday night, so she sat outside in the patio most of the weekend enjoying the sun and dipping her feet in the pool. I took the opportunity on going on a couple of bike rides through the wine country with Owen and Jon. It became very clear early on that I am extremely out of shape and in need of training–it’s not cool when 50-year-olds start leaving you in the dust.

I am going to start riding more regularly so that I can go on longer rides should we go visit again this summer. It was awesome, we can’t wait to visit again.

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