Vanity Fair is running a story on Michael Jackson in which he purportedly paid $150k to put a voodoo curse on Steven Spielberg, David Geffen, and 23 other people on his hit list. The ritual allegedly required that Michael take a bath in a pool of blood taken from 42 sacrificed cows. The article also says that Michael wears a prosthetic nose, bleaches his skin because he hates being black, and calls black people “spabooks.” It’s official–this bitch is crazy.

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  1. Yeah, but Spielberg and Geffen _aren’t_ dead. The natural conclusion: Dreamworks has the bad-ass mojo to counter-strike the worst that Jacko can bring to bear. Jacko’s $150K witch doctor was _nothing_ compared to Dreamworks precision-guided Papa Legba counterspells.

    #1 by Larry — March 4, 2003 @ 4:56 am

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